Conscious Leadership: The Roadmap 

Step 4: Co-Creating with The Universe

As we work our way through the Roadmap of Conscious Leadership, this step may come as a surprise to many people.  What does co-creating with the universe have to do with Living & Leading Consciously?  Join me as I share with you the importance of this attribute.

Learning how to tap into our creativity is a vital part of our growth and evolution.  As children, we are open to the realm of infinite possibilities.  We create without fear, without worry about judgement or criticism. We focus on the magic that emanates from our imagination and bring it into the physical world through our scribbles, drawings, paintings, plays, prose, dance and so much more.

As we grow, our identity of self starts to take shape and we begin the well-known practice of comparing ourselves to others.  We narrow the window of those things we believe we are better at, so as to keep our self-esteem safe, and in the process, stifle our creative process.  We tell it that it has a time and a place, and put conditions, boundaries, and expectations on it.  If we are able to use it, then it must have an outcome (a reward of sorts) in the form of acknowledgement, admiration or approval. 

However, creativity is an inherent universal law.  It is not reserved for the few and it is not bound to a particular outcome as our social conditioning may have led us to believe.

In order to be innovative, you have to be creative.  In order to inspire, you have to be creative.  In order to empower yourself and all those around you, you have to be creative.  Creativity allows us to explore all that is possible as we give birth to expressions of universal consciousness.  Each time you solve a problem, create a new process, launch a new service or offer guidance to a friend or colleague, you are being creative.

Sometimes our creative endeavours feel heavy, as we get lost in the sea of ‘how’ and lose sight of the ultimate ‘what’.  They feel heavy because we believe that we alone must find all the answers, the methods and the pathways that will lead us to the realisation of our creative pursuits.

Conscious Leaders know otherwise.  Working from a space of elevated consciousness and self-awareness, they are aware of the interconnectedness, unity and oneness of our existence. They know that as an extension of that same consciousness, they have the ability to ask for assistance.

Co-creating with the universe means that we put the wheels in motion and then we ask for help – we ask that the right people, the right circumstances and the right opportunities come our way, so as to assist us with our work.  With faith in ourselves and in this overriding process, we take note of every synchronous occurrence and make use of the assistance that appears.  It could come in the form of an idea from a team member, a suggestion from a colleague, or even an instructional video.  Without this acknowledgement that we are open to learn, that we are open to receive and that we are not alone in our creative pursuits, we are closing the door to the infinite possibilities that the creative dance can offer us. 

Artemis Evangelidi

Artemis Evangelidi is a former lawyer turned author, trainer and conscious leadership consultant based in Melbourne. She runs conscious leadership workshops for individuals, companies, students and educators around the world.

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