We are so much more than just this physical body. First and foremost, we are energy, vibrating at a rate that we stand here in the form of matter.

Did you know that illness or disease shows up in the energy field long before it manifests in physical form?

Shamans have known this and been working with the energy field would you believe around 30,000 years or more.

The same is true for iridology. Markings, pigmentations, differences in your fibre structures, textures & tones, share a story that may not have even manifested physically yet.

As I mentioned last month, your eyes are the windows to your soul’s wisdom & your genetic blueprint. There are a variety of ways an analysis can be done; it all depends on your iridologist & how they were trained. I approach it from the perspective of what is most important to you right now, what are the standout areas that are going to provide you with the greatest benefit once the analysis is complete & get you on your way with information that empowers you.

This month let us look at constricted collarette, representative of the intestines, bowels & the balance between the parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous systems.

Also known as the Autonomic Nerve Wreath, it is found approximately a third away from the pupil (when balanced). By looking at the collarette (depending on placement) I can quickly tell the emotional state & the tonal function/quality of the gut.

This area alone tells me so much about the functioning of your intestines, but also shares with me how you deal with stress and the regularity of your bowel movements. The closer the collarette is to the pupil, the tighter & more constricted, representative of stress on the digestive system. It is also a clear sign of how you might be dealing with stress by internalising it within your system.

When constricted, it can also mean you might have limited digestive absorption capabilities. Smaller, more frequent meals are suggested that are higher in nutritional value and overeating & overindulging may cause illness if not taken care of early on.

Guiding you in health, healing & happiness

Cherie Ashana x

Advanced Physical Iridologist, herbalist & Healer

To book an Advanced Physical Iridology assessment with me either in person or virtually please either email on or call on 0412 450 664, for all my services go to my website

Cherie Ashana

Cherie Ashana is a qualified, integrated Iridologist, herbalist & much more..

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