Deidre The Dragon Mother By Dr. Cris Henderson

For Roy and Lyn

The Dragon’s Den is open for business. It is part of the sacred landscape of Heaven – linked to Mary’s Meadow and under her divine sponsorship. We go there together to find a pod for you where you can linger and recover, be nurtured and loved back into wellness.  Your dragon finds you at the entrance to the Den and takes you to your pod where you gradually relax.

You have been in the Den many times and seen and loved the resident dragons as they love you.  Their ability to heal is beyond all that we have previously known.  Their giant nostrils flare with rainbow light and we are entranced as we open to receive the light.

Your dragon tonight is crystal-yellow. Her name is Christa and she is of the Christ Light.

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She is responsible for clearing the crown chakra and opening you to your higher purpose.  

She is relentless in her pursuit nudging you ever onwards into Rose Consciousness.

Receive the Wisdom Codes that the dragons hold in trust for you now.  Christa is offering them to you. Feel them running into and through your body – enjoy their presence within your soul – generate pure dragon light within the Den and beyond.  They, the dragons, will remind you of who you really are.

They urge you now to step onto the Diamond Path.

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Tonight is special – you are being introduced to the Dragon Mother – she is the key to the energy of the Dragons’ bringing together the divine feminine as the doyen of the energy of the dragons and helping all of us to remember our dragon lineage.  It is time for us to acknowledge that we are of this lineage – it seems like something that is just too hard for us to remember – it may be too difficult for us to breathe in the energy of the dragons – however at this point in our development it is essential.  Once you make this acknowledgement in your life everything will change – the hurts and upsets the pain and the trauma will leave your life forever as you acknowledge the truth of your dragon ancestry.  So now become the space – become the Dragon Mother herself and look out through her eyes and see how things already look different.  You begin to cry – it has been a long journey home to the dragons – a long, long almost desperate journey.

Sun Dragon Commission by x-Celebril-x on DeviantArt


Deidre’s heart is huge and open.  When you look at her in the half-darkness you can see it – her magnificent heart – shining through her skin – it is an extraordinary sight – and you see it beating and become mesmerised falling into the rhythm of the beat of the sacred heart of the Dragon Mother.

The Dragons were with us in Atlantis, and before that they came with us from Sirius to inhabit Atlantis.  

We would not acknowledge them after the Fall and now we have the opportunity to change this – we can choose differently now, to have and to be this incredible bloodline – it is a royal bloodline – ask what can I be now that I have not acknowledged and have not been able to be before?

Once you bring in the Dragon Mother energy, please sit quietly for a short time and ask her to help reveal the Dragon Father.  

"A 9\" Tall x 10\" Wide piece called \"Dragons\" by Elena Dudina on a top quality canvas. Elena is a very gifted artist and Photomanipulator originally from Russia and who now lives in Spain. Elena Dudina Photomanipulator / Illustrator I was born in Russia. My father was a military fighter pilot. As you might understand, we moved a lot. I spent my childhood and youth from one place to another. From Estonia to Latvia, even from the Arctic to Ukraine and seven years in Siberia. I have been living

He is a more remote figure and one that has not been back on Mother Earth for many, many eons.  His presence now is incredible – you become the speed of space with his enlightening presence – and here he is – coming into view now – opening the energy – lighting the light – being the space – his name is Dmitri – welcome home Dmitri you say to him when you greet him – there is a presence, an intensity and a demand that is phenomenal.

Do you feel him now?  Do you know what has happened?  Do you know what this means?  It means that you have opened the Dragon Portal – it has been shut since the time of Atlantis – here is the portal now – a most unusual sight.

The Dragon Portal opens at the back of Dragons’ Den.  As you open it now by agreeing that the dragons are your ancestors, it lights the way for the procession of dragons who are entering Mother Earth to help us at this time to enter.  You weep tears of joy as you see the procession begin – you are the one – the one for whom they have been waiting.  

Bless you and yours and keep the gate open – the dragons are here.  Bless your dragon blood and bless your dragon ancestry – without your intervention and your sacrifice we may not have been able to receive the dragons for many years to come.  You have fulfilled your destiny.  It is already done.

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Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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