Diary of a Seeker by Vanessa Finnigan

“Enjoying Life as a Discovery….We Are What We Are Looking For, We Are What We Are Seeking”

I would like to share some of my bliss, this time from my very own veggie patch at home. The whole process, right from the moment of selecting the organic seeds from the pretty coloured packets and then watching veggies grow in the rich organic soil is magic to me.

I love the energising, interactive way of being in the garden…so much space and the plants become like babies to look after and protect (maybe I feel that way because I don’t have small children). And then of course watching them grow until we can harvest their abundant gifts, selecting from all the colours of the rainbow is a great joy. The gifts keep on giving when we can then incorporate some of ‘nature’s bounty’ into a dish we cook for our loved ones. Just recently I included tomatoes and zucchinis from the garden and made a great Mediterranean dish with basil pesto. It was music to our senses as home grown cooked meals always seem to be packed with so much more flavour and nourishment…

We can learn so much from nature in so many ways; nature doesn’t have judgements or expectations…
The zucchini flower here pictured in this photo doesn’t think, “Oh I won’t grow too tall or make my brilliant yellow flower stand out too much because the other plants will feel bad, or someone will try to chop me down to size, It just grows and is being the energy of, ‘here I am in all my glory’, what a gift to us all.

There is a harmony and synergy with the plants, sun, the earth and the organisms; there is a sense of oneness at those times. Nature has so much to gift to us and it’s easy to remember our true nature when we step outdoors, soak up some rays of sun, watch the miracles of nature grow and feel mother earth in our hands.

Let’s bloom in all our glory too just like nature does without apologising for or second guessing ourselves. Let’s really live, blossom and share our gifts with the planet.
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Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor, publisher of Holistic Bliss Magazine and she also offers multi-media whispering energy sessions. She has been a freelance writer for 16 years for magazines.

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