Do You Engage In Life Fully? by LK Tommi

Do you fully engage in all of what life has to offer?

Over the past 3 articles I have shared with you the elements of the PACE model that provides people with the opportunity to live with more awareness on a daily basis and truly connect with themselves and others.

You have learned about:




(Please check out my previous 3 columns to learn about these elements)

This week you will discover the final element- E: Engage

Engage in life with all the passion and purpose that you can muster.

When we engage with people, objects, or our minds. We connect through compassion to understand what is happening for our young people. We participate and become involved in their world. Every day we engage in different activities, conversations, jobs, relationships, play, our mind, our thoughts, our emotions, our energy and life experiences. When we engage with others, we become curious and cultivate acceptance for how things are.

When I think of engage, I think of the energy that we have in new experiences. As parents or adults, we guide our young people to activate their curiosity and to connect with being grateful and empathically connecting with others. I love thinking about the depth of the word engage this way it is:

E: Energy

N: New experiences

G: Guiding us

A: Activating

G: Gratefully connected

E: Empathetically connects us

It is essential for young people to know how to connect with the energy in their body. I love exploring with them how to move their energy from high energy, to centred energy, to low energy in all different combinations and ways. Then our young people truly can know and connect with their energy.

Our life is based on experiences and think about how many new experiences that we engage with in a day. I actually don’t think we can count them all and we definitely can’t count all the experiences that we engage with in a lifetime.

I totally love guiding young people and families to engage in understanding with who they are, as this is true resilience.

When we activate our positive thinking and emotions we engage in a whole range of possibilities in life. The possibilities are endless.

I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to connect and engage with hundreds of families to bring them the message of wellbeing and resilience. My mantra is Creating Generations Creating Lives one step at a time. I love connecting and engaging with my grandchildren and the next generation.

Brene Brown reminds us that Empathy is connecting to the emotions that link to an experience. Our mirror neurons in the brain help us to connect and engage with people empathetically.

I just totally relate to the depth of the meaning of the word engage and it is one I love to share with others.  To fully engage in life, think about these steps:

  1. Think about where your energy is when you engage with others
  2. Be open to all new experiences in life and truly connect with them.
  3. Guide others to truly engage and embrace them to have an amazing life.
  4. Activate your curiosity, thoughts and emotions to engage in everything you do.
  5. Be grateful for all that is and all that will be.
  6. Connect and engage through empathy. Empathy changes our world and the world of others

And there you have it!

The final element to the PACE model of living your best life!

I trust you have benefited from the simple and easy to follow steps that can truly change your life forever. You will only ever look forward to a great and amazing life, filled with exciting experiences and possibilities.

It is my gift to you, your young people and your family for you to truly enjoy.

I have some exciting news for you…

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I totally love connecting with others. Let us connect and see what we can explore together.

LK Tommi

LK Tommi helps children and families to cope with negative life experiences by teaching resilience skills.

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