Do you think you know the colour of your eyes? by Cherie Ashana

When you look at your eyes in the mirror what do you see, do you know your actual eye colour?

Often people who say that they have brown eyes, end up having mixed & then blue-eyed people think that they have green, grey or otherwise.

But if the truth be told there are only 3 variants when it come to eye colour and you will fall under one of these 3 categories.

Brown/Hematogenic, Blue/Lymphatic or Mixed (that is a combination of brown with green or brown with blue)

After discussing the primary nurture points last month for each colour, this month lets have a look at why your eyes may appear blue, green, or grey and where does the mixed eye colour come from.

At the end of the day, it comes down to pigmentation, textures, tones & markings & when we look at pigmentation within the iris it represents a different organ effecting the whole.

As a way of an example, if you have “blue/lymphatic” eyes & they appear green or even yellowish, in some cases it can mean that the Kidney’s may be the organ effecting different parts of the body or the kidneys are the primary nurture point to be aware of pertaining to fluid within the body, primarily the lymphatic system. What that means is that it is important for you to stay well hydrated, and you may in some cases be prone to UTI’s or conditions/ symptoms along those lines.

In the case of you having mixed or brown/hematogenic eyes & they appear orange in colour, it may mean that the pancreas is the main influencing factor.

So where do mixed eyes come from anyways? If you’re like me  & you have mixed eyes, I went my entire life thinking I had brown eyes until I studied Iridology. All that means is you have one parent that has brown eyes and the other has blue eyes. You then came out with a bit of each.

Mixed eyed people generally have primary nurture points (perceived areas of weakness) from both colour types. By having an assessment done we will be able to quickly tell you what is important to you right now in this moment.

Guiding you In health, healing & happiness

Cherie Ashana x

Advanced Physical Iridologist, herbalist & Healer

To book an Advanced Physical Iridology assessment with me either in person or virtually please either email on or call on 0412 450 664, for all my services go to my website

Cherie Ashana

Cherie Ashana is a qualified, integrated Iridologist, herbalist & much more..

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