Do You Understand Men? By Jules O’Neill

I have been privileged throughout my years of healing, to have had the pleasure of treating thousands of men via the Body Consciousness® System, and there are certainly some consistent qualities I have seen.   I am not saying this may be easy to see in every man, however, in each case, underneath all the reactive behaviours, stresses, physical symptoms and unconscious issues is a very gentle and kind person.  When asked to write this article I thought I could share some of these qualities with you.

Some of those things are…

Men are amazing at giving to what they love…

When a man’s heart chooses to love a woman, he just knows that she is the woman for him.  He is solid on it and committed to it.  Something in him desires to give her everything he can – houses, protection, security, care and nurturing.  If a woman lets him, and opens up to receive from him, he will give consistently for a long time. 

Men love the fun and lightness in a woman rather than how she looks…

        For some women this may be hard to believe.  Our society has such a big focus on how men love to look at sexy women and that’s it.  However, I have found the above statement to be so true.  When men talk about having fun times with their wives/partners they are looking for ‘relaxed, light, easy flowing, fun’.  So many times I have heard men say things like…

       I wish she would just love her body and let me touch it, hold it and love it, I love her and her body exactly how it is.

·         I wish she would not worry about everything all the time.

·         I wish she would just know that I love her and am committed to us.

·         I wish she would let me help her.

·         I wish she would tell me exactly what she wants; I will do it.

Men can love consistently for a long time…

Think of how much he loves his favourite jeans or jumper.  Men can keep their favourite things for decades and love them even more after time, including the wear and tears.  They will hang on to them for ages – and beware ladies if you try and throw anything like that out!  They do not yearn to go shopping all the time for new things.   Nor keep up with the latest styles. They love to be consistent in what they do.  Whether it be fishing, watching sport, or sitting in the same spot at home each day. 

Men are great at creating togetherness and fun for their families…

Most men love family time and given the lead here, that is without the control or influence from their partner/wife, they will create many fun, simple adventures.  Many women can feel intimidated by this or even guilty because they do not really want to do it, or sometimes even be involved.  Ladies, here’s a tip about what to say to your hubby or partner: 

 “You are great at creating fun for us all.  I would love it if you planned something fun on the weekend for all of us.” 

Then, ladies, let him lead here.  If it is the first time for many men to have this lead, know that each time he is given the opportunity (AND especially if he knows he is doing something for YOU, the lady he loves) then you will be pleasantly surprised at how great he will be here, and how much he will grow in this area.   If he is already doing this for your family, acknowledge how much you love and appreciate his ability to create fun togetherness times.  He will love that and be inspired to create more of them.

One thing that I would love to finish on is this: we all have both male and female qualities and when used in combination in each of us, we can appear very supportive towards each other.  Whether you are a man or a woman reading this, ALL people have natural skills that are gender based as well.  If you or your partner are stuck in the misery of life, don’t stay there!  You can get out of it and turn it around.  It all starts with the belief that we are Energetic Beings of Love, and any stress, upset or negative reactive behaviour is just a cry for help to look at something and get you back into your natural state.  Believe in each other and trust that LOVE will see any situation through.  The Body Consciousness ® System helps immensely to move YOU forward from any dark or unconsciousness place back into the zest and love of life.




Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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