Don’t wait until all of your ducks are lined up to get started by Melissa Groom – The Visibility Mentor

Don’t wait until all of your ducks are lined up to get started.

So many amazing people are missing out on potential business because they think they need to have expensive, professional equipment to do videos.

Everyone has to start somewhere and not everyone has a few thousand dollars to get set up professionally to do videos. It’s also not just a matter of money as you also need to learn how to use all the professional equipment. 

If you look back at Marie Forleo and Gary Vee’s first videos they did in 2006 and 2012 they did them from their laptops. Marie was on the lounge and Gary sitting behind his desk. Neither of them had microphones, or lights or had their hair and make up professionally done.

Everyone’s first videos suck and you will cringe when you look back at them just as you do when you look back at their hairstyles and clothes you wore ten years ago.

In order to get competent it takes time. You don’t need to do acting or a tv presenting course. 

If you are feeling insecure the best thing you can do is to read some past testimonials from clients and know that you have the ability to transform their life, business or health. Tap into your why and the bigger picture. Video is not about you. Although it is great to grow your personal brand it’s more to do with being of service and showing up for those who are struggling and seeking answers.

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others, so know that you are enough and get out their and share your knowledge and expertise. There are people googling right now looking for you and the best way to be found online is by doing consistent videos.

This year has been particularly difficult for many people. The best thing you can do to turn it around for yourself and others is to show up and be of service. Give them the solutions, guidance, peace of mind they are looking for.

In the next two years there will be more opportunity than ever before to share your knowledge and expertise with more and more people joining online events and programs as well as big organisations.

If you are not confident with getting in front of the camera I urge you to join me in the next 30 day video challenge.

Shine bright, the world needs you. x Mel

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Melissa Groom

Melissa Groom, The Visibility Mentor assists business owners to be more visible and confident on video and she offers her signature 30 Day Visibility Challenge, supporting people every step of the way.

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