Electric Lady: From Density to Light by Sandy McShane

I have seen myself as a vehicle for spirit for many decades. Starting at the age of about twenty, I had a strong internal longing to carry this mission out – I didn’t know how, exactly, yet this yearning was stronger than any other desire I had.

Little did I know that decades later, in my mid-forties, I would receive a harrowing diagnosis of a serious disease – requiring me to literally clean out my vehicle, as it had, over time, accumulated a heavy toxic load which was impacting me physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I refer to these toxins as “density”. Density can be likened to a heaviness that weighs us down, blocking the life force from freely flowing through us and inhibiting the natural daily healing that occurs when we keep our vessel clean, healthy and loved up.

As I worked through the issues that had led to this density within me, I started to reap the rewards and receive some wonderful, life-changing gifts – including the appearance in my life of a magical being I came to call, “The Electric Lady”.

Here’s how I describe her first appearance in my book, The Frequency of Freedom (forthcoming):

After about two and a half years of purging, cleansing, purging, cleansing and going down the healing rabbit hole, I came to a place where I intuitively felt that I was just about done with healing and would soon be completely healed. Around this time, I was having a massage in the Lab [my bedroom] with my favourite Kahuna masseuse, a very skilled lady, when I had one of the clearest, most moving visions I have ever had: I saw the front of my body unzip and out hopped a shimmering blue etheric figure: it was literally electric. God, was I blown away. Holding my breath, I just watched, wondering who this being was and what it was doing. It was androgynous-looking and very beautiful.

I have since realised that this electric being is an aspect of myself, highly intuitive, who’d been trying to get my attention for many years but hadn’t been able to get through all that density! Now, here she was, in all her glory – humbly presenting herself to me and ready to shine.

I have been deliberately nurturing my connection with the Electric Lady ever since. Even now, about a year and a half on, the process of embodying and integrating her continues. Often, when I look into my eyes in the mirror, I see her, causing an instantaneous upturning of the corners of my mouth, coupled with a warm fuzzy knowing in my heart. My relationship with this magical aspect of my being has cultivated much self-love, and provided a rich soil from which more and more magic can manifest in my life. She was lost to me for years and now I never want to let her go. I had to lose her to find her again and cherish her true value.

This morning, as I moved my body freely on my mat, I shed a tear about the incredible freedom I feel within my body, my temple, my vehicle – it is indeed remarkable.

My message here is to take time to reach inside yourself, where endless magic dwells. You will no doubt have to cut through some density to find your magic, but stay with it: feel, breathe, intuit, and listen to your body. You have a lot of treasure within you: believe you can find it and you will.

Stay tuned for more about the frequency of freedom next month.

To be notified when my book, The Frequency of Freedom, is released, visit www.sandytorahmcshane.com. Over the coming year, I will be adding offerings to my website that encourage and cultivate self-love and self-healing, and support the ultimate goal of more freedom!

Sandy McShane

Sandy Torah McShane shares her amazing transformational journey and is the author of 'The Frequency of Freedom' with a release date of July 2022.

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