Emotions are the key to self love

Most people especially women, neglect themselves to look after family,
friends and others. This in turn jeopordises their health and emotional
well being. Looking after others is fine if we look after ourselves in
the same way, like we are our own best friend. If you feel like you don’t
have time for yourself, are lacking energy, or feel your energy is being
drained, feel unappreciated, depressed, sad or stuck, this could be a
sign to start focusing on your own self care.

It’s important to look after yourself first before you can look after
others. If your health and well-being is not 100% then how can you give
100% to others. Looking after yourself is a gift to you and everyone
around you.

A good way to start is through meditation. If you feel you don’t have
time for yourself, try to find a little bit of time. Everyone has time
for ten minutes of meditation. To receive the most benefit, aim for twenty
minutes meditation twice a day. Meditation relieves stress and brings us into the now.

Whilst meditating, let emotions bubbling underneath come to the surface.
We tend to fear emotions, but they do more harm when we push them down
than when we face them. Forgive any situations and people attached to
the emotions. Especially forgive yourself for your role. This will allow
unconditional love to come in.

Another great tool is to take walks alone in nature and be with
yourself. Be present. Be aware of your breath and your surroundings. Be
in the now, not in what has happened in the past or what’s on your to-do

Some people put on a facade to show they are strong whereas underneath
they are suffering. It’s critical to deal with your emotions and bring
true self love into your life. You can do exercises to learn to love
yourself but you must believe wholeheartedly the affirmations like ‘I
love and accept myself’. Before you do, you must resolve the emotion
behind the reason you do not love and accept yourself, otherwise an
affirmation will only be a band-aid measure.

The majority of clients I see, are dealing with this very issue of self
love. This manifests as emotions like: sadness, anger, hurt, resentment
or hopelessness. The reasons behind the emotions are all very different
but the outcome is that they all end up truly loving and accepting

If you want to dive deeper into emotions and negative karma that you
carry, Ascension Therapy aims to clear the emotional baggage that holds
you back.

Richard Giakoumis is founder of Ascension Therapy and a Reiki Grand
Master/Teacher. celestiallight.com.au Phone: 07 54462473


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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