End of Year Musings…. by Tonia Reeves

It’s not unusual to come to this time of year and we tend to start considering what’s around the corner for 2022. This year has had such a strange vibe. Maybe it’s the ups and downs of lockdowns and boarder closures, with so much uncertainty being felt, especially over the last few months.

This has led to a run of people feeling lethargic, unmotivated and just plain flat. Sitting with this I found that when I connected to my spiritual team, they gave the message to just surrender and go with this feeling rather than resisting. As many of us know, what we resist will always persist. 

The silver lining right now is the planning we are seeing happen for the new year, festivals, events and the opening of boarders. I know personally I’ll be kept really busy in the coming year with many festivals and events already locked in. This not only feels energising and promising for me, but many of you. 

I think we all like to focus on the positives after the drag of the last eighteen months. Planning for things in the future still feels a bit surreal, but I must say a new appreciation is helping to build an excited anticipation. Last week I was able to deliver three mediumship demonstrations to live audiences and it was so uplifting to be doing what I love again, and it being live in person WOW!! 

So, what does 2022 look like for you? What changes are you finding you are drawn too? I have been shown that many of us are going to change up what we spend most of our time doing in the new year. This will allow us to let go of what isn’t working and embrace our passion – and for many our soul-purpose. 

Many will be looking to further study whether it is a short course or something more committed. For me I’ll be adding my mentoring and Louise Hay Coaching to my booking offers. I often get asked after a reading if my clients can come back in the not too distant future for another reading – however for many it’s really about coaching and mentoring. 

This is one of my passions and I’m excited to promote this for the coming year. I will also be writing a monthly insight article each month next year here for Holistic Bliss. So, watch out for the beginning of each month getting inspiration, guidance and tips to help you navigate an easier life – and one that you get to not only direct but also act out. 

Bliss is a great word I feel I will be taking into 2022. What’s your word for next year? 

Love and blessings 

Tonia Reeves 

Australias Cowgirl Medium




Tonia Reeves

Tonia Reeves is Australia’s Psychic Medium Cowgirl, based in Victoria and reaching people overseas through her consults and her segments on a number of radio shows in Australia and overseas.

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