It’s the question on everyone’s lips. Are the 5G streetlights and towers dangerous? In this article, we delve into the associated risks of 5G as councils worldwide replace old sodium globes with new 5G streetlights. Understanding the potential dangers they pose and how to protect yourself is crucial.

What is a 5G streetlight?

A 5G streetlight is a new form of LED streetlight that is equipped with microcell antennas or phased array antennas that enable a 5G connection. This new type of streetlight is said to be cheaper to run.

Think of it as a miniature mobile phone tower. Unlike traditional mobile phone towers, these streetlights are placed much closer together, lining roads and nature strips. Their proximity creates a geoelectric ground current (GGC) that has great intensity due to their fields joining up. This flows through buildings and houses, posing significant health risks to humans and animals.

Why are people concerned about 5G streetlights?

The primary concern with 5G streetlights lies in the GGC they generate. Unlike mobile phone towers, the ground current from these streetlights extends beyond property boundaries, permeating into homes and affecting the body’s meridians. This ionizing radiation can cause electromagnetic stress on the Chinese meridians, weakening organs and impacting overall health. 

On the other hand, the 5G towers aren’t as dangerous. While they generate a geoelectric ground current to the boundaries of the property, the ground current doesn’t extend beyond that boundary. Therefore, it’s not going into everyone’s houses.

Technology and 5G  

Additionally, questions about the safety of 5G smartphones, earbuds, and other devices often arise. The key is understanding that these devices emit harmful radiation and modifying the way you use them. 

Different radio frequency measuring equipment can give different outputs in their readings from one to the other. However, all smartphones have a lithium battery with an electronic circuit and an antenna.  Regardless of whether the phone’s in use or not, there’s still a charge going through it. 

Never put a smartphone to your ear, even if you’re using a phone harmoniser. Talk hands-free. Also, AirPods are the same as holding your phone to your head, given that a Bluetooth connection is charged. So, your head and other meridians are going into electromagnetic stress when you’re using earbuds and headphones. 

Solutions like mobile phone harmonisers can neutralise the harmful positive charges radiated by technologies, and thus provide a safer experience for users. There are simple things you can do to protect yourself and reduce electromagnetic stress on the meridians.

So what are the Chinese meridians? These bioelectric channels of energy around the body feed the vital organs. And they all work off a negative charge. 

Understanding the Risks of Geoelectric Ground Current 

Radiation has a positive charge, and immersing the body in a highly positively charged environment (GCG) will affect the weakest meridians of the body. 

A geoelectric ground current is the second most dangerous form of radiation on the planet and is all-pervasive. It’s ionizing radiation, which means a harmful radiation that causes electromagnetic stress. 

Geoelectric ground currents aren’t necessarily a 5G thing. GGC can be present if you’ve had a death on a property, or due to solar winds like those we had in recent times.

There is a difference between these types of ground currents, however. GGC from the worldwide solar activity would go to 5 to 10 meters above ground. On the other hand, the 5G ground current is roughly 2 meters above the ground. 

What does Electromagnetic Stress feel like?

Electromagnetic stress varies from person to person. A lot of people don’t actually feel it despite suffering electromagnetic stress from something such as the 5G ground current. But then there are people at the other end of the spectrum who are electrohypersensitive.

For the average person, however, it usually feels like a heaviness in the stomach or depleted energy levels. Electromagnetic stress can affect people’s emotional state. So, the 5G streetlights and too much radiation exposure could lead to an increase in stress hormone levels. 

Protecting Yourself from 5G Radiation

So, how can you protect yourself from the harmful effects of 5G streetlights and other sources of radiation? 

Orgone Effects Australia has been developing radiation solutions for the past 23 years. Products, such as Geoclense®  and Stellar Dome®  produce a negative charge, which neutralises the positively charged GCG from 5G streetlights. Their effectiveness even extends beyond the individual property to neighbouring homes.

For people out and about, our Stellar Pendant®  is a great portable option that creates a negative charge and neutralises the positive ground current within a six to eight-meter radius. This protection mirrors the natural energetic state found in healthy children, offering a shield against electromagnetic stress.

In conclusion, understanding the dangers of 5G streetlights and other sources of GGCs is essential for safeguarding your health and well-being. By adopting effective protection measures, you can navigate the modern world of technology without compromising your health.


To learn more about the 5G streetlights, tune into our latest episode of the Beyond EMF podcast. 


Gerard Bini

Gerard Bini, founder of Orgone Effects Australia and the foremost Australian expert in the development of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) harmonizing products, is a well-respected and internationally renowned Intuitive Building Biologist with 20 years of experience and research into EMF beyond the normal.

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