Father Sun Speaks: Your Divine Self by Shelley Rose

I share with you my viewpoint of the divine within all of us…

For a long time, humans have perceived life through the limited 3D structures and fear-based conditioning of the mind. This is now shifting with a growing awareness.

The physical sun is the light of this world. It gives life to the earth. The Great Sun of your Awareness gives life to all around you, just as your unconsciousness or absence of presence brings suffering and death to your environments. YOU are the light and life of this world – your world. This is what Jesus meant long ago. He was showing you what is within him is also within you.

In humble submission, the head bows before the heart, the mind stills and becomes a great tool for powerful revelations and inspirations. When the mind is not in submission, it plays the ‘Joker’, and tricks you into acting the fool. You no longer hear or see wisdom or truth, only illusions. You no longer perceive your Divine Self or the wholeness of life – only separation, opposition, and shame.

The submission of the head and worship of the divine became externalised by the mind. The ‘Divine Sun’ is within you. Your physical world responds to the quality of your ‘Light of Perception’ upon it. Another word for light perception is consciousness. The strength of your consciousness comes from your heart space. 

The Highest Seat of Consciousness sits above the head of the human body. This is the brightest Sun Consciousness that lights the form of your ‘future’ Self. This Great Sun Consciousness is known as the ‘Divine Father’.  

The Divine Father couldn’t penetrate the earth (body) through the impenetrable forces of the mind, so he sent an aspect of his Great Sun Being resonance down. He entered this world from within the human heart as a single light ray of Divine Consciousness. In recent years, the Father’s great resounding infinite love awoke the Mother Earth (body) from a deep sleep of unconsciousness, and he has been helping her since.  

The Divine Sun Father is within you and outside of you. The Mother is within your heart as you are within her heart.  

The Divine Father (heavens/spacious consciousness), Mother (earth/body), and the Divine Sun (the manifestation of consciousness in matter) is YOUR story – the inward journey of remembering who you are.

It is a moment for forgiveness, understanding, and embracing all differences. There are many in the cosmos that wish you to know they are here for you, and close by. For many humans, these are your ancestral families. You need to askto receive their help or they cannot help you.

The Human Being brings together the Consciousness for the vast cosmic and earth life forms of very different expressions, unique powerful gifts and ways of Being. We are the light and the dark. Together, we stand in the Heart of our Great Mother (Source) who is our balance – we are the Harmony of Life. As the pop group, The Seekers, expressed it beautifully, ‘We are one [and] we are many…’.


Shelley Rose

Shelley Rose (White Buffalo Moon) was born with a spiritual gift. She connects directly and lovingly with those caught in the subtle realms after death. From a very young age Shelley could see and communicate with the spiritual, nature and celestial realms and the worlds in-between, acting as a bridge and spiritual guide/healer, a nurturing protective mother energy for all those who have died, but remain bound to this world.

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