Fibromyalgia… The most common Autoimmune condition my clients report. It appears that we have a Fibromyalgia epidemic. Why is this so?

Some would argue against Fibromyalgia falling under the ‘Autoimmune’ banner – but let me assure you, it absolutely does… 

My own 7-year battle with the condition left me in a daily state of a chronic pain, cognitive and memory problems, severe insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety and more. I developed hypothyroidism and eventually, MS. 

Wanting to avoid the medical model, I tried all the alternative healing modalities, diets and supplements, but in the end, I was on several prescription medications, broke, chronically ill and could barely string a sentence together. I was wearing incontinence pads and I was 45. 

I’m symptom free now and educate other sufferers on how to overcome this debilitating condition. 

It was a spiritual awakening I had on the night of my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, which started a roller coaster of miracles in the form of specialists and information about gut health, diet and adopting a holistic approach to healing, that I had never heard of before. 

“All Disease Begins In the Gut” – Hipporates

I’d heard this many times over, but what do we actually need to do to heal the gut? What are we healing? Why does it need healing? 

There are more toxins in our environment, food and water than ever before – not to mention processed foods and the increasing consumption of sugar. These elements break down the lining of the gut wall causing ‘leaky gut’ which seriously affects the body’s digestion and nutrient absorption. So all I needed to do was support this process. You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

A build-up of mucous in the gut lining, is referred to as mucoid plaque. It is a hardened, sticky, thick substance in the lining of your gut, that stops nutrients from being able to enter the blood stream. The plaque also harbours bacteria, viruses, toxins and undigested food particles. Mucous in the gut lining appears when we eat inflammatory foods such as dairy, meat, gluten and sugar. A 4-day herbal cleanse took care of that. 

The supplement that made the most significant change within weeks, was a stem cell regeneration support supplement. I learned that our stem cells die when they become too toxic. A lack of stem cells to assist in our organs regenerating, results in premature ageing and disease. This supplement worked to detox my stems cells from the toxic build-up and put them back to work – including the stem cells responsible for the immune system.

I was immediately able to sleep, my memory improved, I had loads of energy and I had never felt so happy. I created a facebook group to share testimonials and information. You can find this link below. 

To book a consult with me, please visit my page as I would love to help you take control of your health too.

Facebook link:

Marsha Schults – Autoimmune Recovery Coach, Best Selling Author & Medical Intuitive

Marsha Schults

Marsha Schults has a personal story of recovering from M.S and shares her wisdom, tips, products and tools as an autoimmune recovery coach in Brisbane, offering her consults nationally and overseas.

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