Finances are the root of everything by Abbey Rose

Or so it seems in this world we currently live in. 

I have helped thousands of people overcome this block and step into their sovereignty and legacy, all the while their financial beliefs have shifted and the blocks have fallen apart.

And do you know what the stem of almost every single block was? 

The unconscious need for more money.

The niggling feeling in the back of their head that they didn’t have enough, that they were capped, that they wouldn’t be able to provide for their family at the level they wanted to. 

This is so common, and while, outwardly, it is often disguised, on the inside, it can eat you up.

This month I wanted to share with you the three things I found were the most common symptoms of someone who unconsciously felt the need for more money, and how they began to overcome that block. 

The inability to stop.

More often than not, people who associate busyness with income are those who feel like they will make more money the more they work. They unconsciously believe that they will bring in more money, so they find it difficult to unwind.
The best way to shift this belief is to slowly step back from your work and use that time doing something that brings you joy instead. This way, you are still busy, but you are focusing on something that brings you happiness.

Constantly checking your bank account.

If you are someone who is constantly checking your bank account, you do not feel like you are supported by it, and thus, are unconsciously asking for more money.
Shifting this belief works best if you take your spending money out of your bank account and pay in cash. Keep enough money in your account for your expenses, while everything else must be paid in cash. This will stop you from spending unnecessarily and you are able to physically feel the money supporting you.

Not enjoying yourself.

If your money is only ever being spent on bills, then you are not enjoying it, and money is meant to be enjoyed. This unconscious need for more money can be shifted by taking a small amount of your paycheck and putting it aside to be spent on something solely for your enjoyment. It can be anything of your choice. Start with something small like a dinner and work your way up to a holiday if you so choose. The more you begin to enjoy your money, the more will flow and that belief will begin to slip away.

When you begin to make these small shifts, that unconscious belief no longer has the space to rule you, and you will begin to see positive changes in your financial reality.

Money is meant to be enjoyed!

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Abbey Rose

Abbey Rose is here to help you create, manage and protect your wealth. With over 15 years in the finance sector, Abbey brings cutting edge business and financial wisdom that mixes the worlds of strategy and intuition helping you create financial empowerment.

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