Financial Success with Heart by Andrew Dudek

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There are no visible wings majestically protruding upwards from her shoulder blades. When she moves, she’s actually walking, not flying.

When she embraces you, it’s the touch of cheek to cheek human skin that’s felt, with not a solitary feather in sight. And yet. And yet…

Kath Orman is in the room. She is all the proof one needs to realise that each of us can embrace the angel’s path if we so choose!

Brisbane-based Kath is the founding principal and senior financial advisor at Goals and Dreams Financial Planning. Holistic Bliss readers are well aware of her inspiring, informative and insightful column.

Kath traverses her professional vocation with profound pride, precision and technical depth of understanding – little wonder she started in the industry back in 1987.

Yet industry experience alone is not the only key to Kath’s (and her clients’) beautiful bounties of abundance, manifestation, success and recurring blessings.

By intent and inevitably by design, Kath is a ‘multi-dimensional’ financial planner and her entire rollicking journey thus far has created for her clients the extraordinary service only Kath can uniquely deliver. This is explained by the totality of her other jaw-dropping attributes, achievements and life lessons. Mother and grandmother. Author and poet. Angel Intuitive. Empath. Reiki healer. Transformologist® for The Institute of Women International™. Ringleader for Don Tolman. Cheerleader for Tyler Tolman. Frequent traveller and (slightly less frequent) faster. Lover and insatiable researcher of nature-based healing and wellness modalities. Lover of life, art, and all sentient beings (Earth bound and other worldly). A statuesque lady too – easily over six feet in heels! But what’s particularly towering is Kath’s pulsating, emphatic embrace of her womanhood! That all powerful, nurturing, life-giving, sustaining, creative force and purpose of the Divine Feminine.

Ensconced in an industry that’s overtly male dominated, controlled and regulated, Kath has compromised nothing, yet championed everything she is, to shine in the strength and beauty of womanhood.

Invariably, Kath’s attention turns to her three-year-old grandson Iziah. That’s when her ever-smiling translucent eyes become, well, a bit sweaty.

“I’m so blessed in infinite ways… but the gift of grandmotherhood takes my levels of grace, gratitude and wonder to places I’ve never been before.”

With tears welling, Kath proudly reaches for her phone and shares her grandson’s pictures. “Look at that expression on his face!” she gushes. The pictures of her grandson are truly remarkable, and Iziah is clearly a child with insight, sensitivity, intellect and maturity way beyond his tender age. Kath leans forward, almost whispering with glinting eyes and a knowing nod, “My grandson is a very, very old soul.”

In 1946, an enchanting all-time classic Christmas ‘fantasy’ drama film was released, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. As James Stewart’s character contemplates suicide on Christmas Eve, Guardian Angel, Clarence Odbody intervenes to not only save his life but reveal his beautiful gifts and all the lives he touched. Kath Orman may well be the 21st century female counterpart of Guardian Angel Clarence Odbody! Her words, thoughts and actions are an invitation to catapult our souls to grander (more angelic) heights.

“You will never see rainbows if you are always looking down” is one of Kath’s wonderful quotes. However, her overarching message implores us to go further, to realise we are in fact dormant angels… ready willing and able to unleash ourselves for the creation of miracles and the betterment of humanity.

And from this exhilarating premise, notwithstanding the current planetary climate of volatility, uncertainty and fear, the ever-amazing Kath has (finally) published her first book! Aptly titled, ‘ATTITUDE, ABUNDANCE AND ACTION – How to Make a Difference in Your Own Life First!’, this publication is a seismic, holistic game-changer.

“My family, friends, clients and colleagues urged me for years to write this book… the ideas, information and stories come from the entire melting pot of my journey so far,” says Kath matter-of-factly with her vintage humility and grace.

There’s never been a book quite like this one. Drawing upon her dazzling, eclectic experiences, unparalleled qualifications and courageously candid reflections, ‘Attitude Abundance and Action’ is the perfect, perfectly-timed antidote to our present zeitgeist.

How to categorise Kath’s exciting, priceless literary gem? It’s substantially a spiritual treatise. It’s unashamedly personal and loaded to the brim with esoteric and biological ‘hacks’ that will navigate us around and through financial challenges, health challenges, toxic energies/influences and ultimately reconnect us with our birthright.

The book is also jam packed with a comprehensive array of easy-to-understand, rewarding, and practical financial planning and investment information.

All the vital information is laid out for you – repayment strategies, flowcharts, demystifying explanations about wills, Powers of Attorney, insurance/death/disability/income protection and much more – the perfect success and prosperity guide for spiritual warriors! The reader is empowered with many tools necessary to make informed considerations about their investment options. Kath effortlessly strips away the confusion sometimes associated with fixed interest bonds, annuities, etc, and she helps get your head around the Australian Share Market like no one else can!

All this wrapped up in a bursting bubble of banter, compassion, humour, spiritual discourse, deeply moving personal musings, uplifting, extraordinary real-life cases… and cutting-edge observations that will leave you brimming and grinning with excitement and anticipation.

“I wanted my readers to feel like they were actually sitting down with me, sharing a cup of coffee… or even a glass of wine.” And Kath’s book reads exactly like that! Organic, disarmingly unadulterated, utterly authentic. The reader is swept away on a personal odyssey which ends up being individually crafted for each person…as if a trusted loyal friend was speaking directly to you!

Kath humbly seeks to remind us, “A grateful heart is one of the biggest learnings I can share. It’s quite miraculous – when we start to love and appreciate what we already have, we become a magnet for attracting more wonderful things, people and events into our lives. Changing our mindset is a conscious choice.”


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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