Finding Your Life Purpose By Charles Virtue

How the Angels Can Help you Find Your Life Purpose By Charles Virtue

 Life purpose is about so much more than just finding a job, a partner or the perfect place to live – life purpose is knowing WHO you are and stepping into that role. Don’t wait for the outside world to validate your purpose to heal and help. It is not usually a matter of waiting to see ‘if’ clients come, it is a matter of deciding that you are who you wish to be in this lifetime.

The universe and the law of attraction tell us that what we send out into the world is what comes back, in divine timing.

This means that if you are an aspiring card reader – you are a card reader NOW. If you want to start a healing practice  – you are a healer NOW.

There is so much power in allowing yourself to believe that you are completely eligible for the role you are guided to serve. You must understand that when you offer your time and your life to helping others, the universe moves oceans to make sure you are supported. I see this happen first-hand.

You do not have to be ‘special ’, you do not have to have any sort of formal training. You just need to affirm your openness to serving, and energetically step into the uniform of your desired occupation.

The world caters to those that know what they want. The good news for us is that we do not need to know the details; we just need to know what the underlying goals of our manifestations are.

What do people want? Some people just want security, love, comfort and safety. Others want abundance, power and respect – or a combination of those – so I have found that it is not important to focus on how to get things in your life, it is important to not block your manifestation by getting caught up in the ‘feasibility’ of your goals.

One of the most powerful manifestation techniques I personally use is to manifest how I want to feel. I know and I trust that the answers I am sent and the guidance I receive will ultimately lead me there.

Don’t be nervous or afraid when you think about stepping into your power, do not think about the logistics – everything is always changing, we never know what will happen! Instead tell the universe exactly how you want to feel, how you want your life to be arranged and let the angels guide you to the life that will bring it all.

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