Finding Your Own Rose Crown By Dr Cris Henderson

Recently I celebrated the anniversary of my personal meeting with Mother Mary in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. This time Mary appeared energetically offering immense support and healing. 

Mary is guiding my newest book ‘The Blue Rose’ which brings together a group of Blue Nuns in the sixteenth century in a remote Abbey in the south of France.  Each Nun is guardian to one of Mary’s sacred rose artefacts.  Combining the artefacts activates the rebirthing of the Rose Crown lost since the days of Atlantis.

The battle between light and dark was as real then as it is today. 

In the story the shadow, an ancient enemy, came to steal the artefacts and failed. The Blue Nuns resisted unwaveringly with Mother Hilda, the Abbess of the community.  In spite of bullying, subtle tortures, attempted kidnapping and arson they overcame all obstacles and ousted the shadow.

The nuns then ceremoniously rebirthed the Crown seeing it surrounded by an angel’s delicate fingers.  It became a high coronet of delicate spiral shapes as if made from living coral, reminiscent of the rainbow spiral.  It emits its own level of pure radiance so brightly that it hurts the eyes. On top is the Rose Star herself in all her eight-pointed glory. 

This Crown of Roses is the manifestation of all that is noble. She links humanity with heaven. The rose legends say that the Crown of Roses will come again when she is most needed and that time is now.

Mother Mary has her Rose Crown restored and she is calling us by shining light directly from Heaven through the Crown – and giving us the keys to a brand new rose journey.  

Activation of one’s individual Rose Crown is possible today.  This initiation brings extraordinary levels of rose light coupled with increased levels of purest joy into one’s being.  

In the spirit of the Rose Crown I invite you to join me for your individual Rose Crown activation.

The Rose Crown codes are available as part of the initiations presented throughout my new book ‘The Blue Rose’.

Each journey is on special offer for $250.00 for readers of Holistic Bliss. 

Please contact me to make an appropriate time.

Dr. Cris Henderson, Rose

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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