Gerua (Saffron) – The quest for light! by Gerard Bini

Inspired by one of the preeminent spiritual figures of modern times, Paramahansa Yogananda, an Indian Hindu Monk, Yogi and Guru of meditation and Kriya Yoga, this divine, orange-hued Stellar Dome® radiates a magnificent spiritual light. 

Hindu sages in India usually wear saffron (Gerua) which signifies the colour of purity, as it is believed to be the colour of fire which not only lightens but also removes impurities and denotes an outwardly directed energy.

The Stellar Dome® Saffron is a healthy negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMF, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation, and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation to the boundaries of a property.

The Stellar Dome® Saffron also neutralizes a type of radiation caused by mould in roof cavities which, combined with the shape of a gabled roof, projects a radiation charge “downwards” into the living space. The Stellar Dome® Saffron’s radiance, which is “upwards” and “outwards”, then neutralizes the radiation caused by the mould in the roof cavity. The Geoclense will only partially neutralize the radiation from mould as it doesn’t have a radiance effect like the Stellar Dome® Saffron.

Ley lines (a radiant, healthy earth radiation Grid Line) create a healthy radiance, and up until now, there has been no other product in the world that can re-create that quality of energy…. Until the Stellar Dome® was developed! The Stellar Dome® Saffron creates that beautiful radiance the same as a Ley line. An example of beautiful Ley Lines is the energy lines that cross at Stone Henge, and the energy lines that a lot of European Cathedrals are built on.

5G radiation from Microcell antennas in 5G Street lights, high solar wind speeds and certain days of Mercury Retrograde all interfere with the Ley Line radiance, however, the Stellar Dome® Saffron is not affected by these noxious energies.

The Stellar Dome® Saffron performs the same as all the coloured Stellar Domes® which have been tested for 100% effectiveness against 5G Street Lights in February 2019 at Dickson, Canberra where 5G Street Lights is actively operating.

The Stellar Dome® Saffron is also totally portable which is handy EMF protection when you’re out and about.

EMF Harmonizer for Home, Workplace & Portable Use.

Uniquely programmed with Negatively charged counter frequencies to harmonize all types of EMF, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation (human-generated) via Negatively charged Geoelectric Ground Current to the boundaries of a property.  Stellar Dome® Saffron is also capable of balancing the Human Biofield of Chinese Meridian energetic disturbances.

By Gerard Bini
Intuitive Building Biologist
Managing Director
Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.

Gerard Bini

Gerard Bini, founder of Orgone Effects Australia and the foremost Australian expert in the development of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) harmonizing products, is a well-respected and internationally renowned Intuitive Building Biologist with 20 years of experience and research into EMF beyond the normal.

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