Golden Age By Jean Sheehan

Golden Age By Jean Sheehan

The Golden Age of reality or the Age of Aquarius refers to the transition to the fifth dimension. This is where dreams become a reality, souls are unlimited, manifestation instantaneous, experiences are perpetual freedom and there is no ego involvement apart from the higher self. It is the combining of all dualities to be one, using left and right hemispheres of the brain and integrating the physical and metaphysical. It is where science aligns with the spiritual and each individual knows they can manifest anything through the power of thought and law of attraction. In summary the Golden Age was shared for thousands of years and it’s a time we will experience again ‘remembering’ we are infinite possibilities and pure potentiality and recalling the mathematics of reality and that all exists within not outside ourselves.

Since the fall of Atlantis approx 13000 years BC, ancient texts foretold of universal events that would create magnetic grid shifts altering universal cosmic events to commence the next evolutionary step of earth. It would then affect human consciousness and the body. This would allow for humans to self realise and be self enlightened to know earth is a game and it is how you play the game – either in fear or absolute love and empowerment. Divinely orchestrated astrological events are creating opportunities for earth and all who inhabit it to experience rapid shifts in ‘self cleaning and rejuvenation.’ Ancient cultures such as Maya and Egyptians used advanced knowledge of astronomy and astrology to know and document the 26,000 year cycles that can be seen in the zodiac signs and months of the year. These all indicated this is a time of going back to the ‘dark ages’ and ages of spiritual ‘enlightenment’. This means we are ending ALL old cycles to rebirth a new way forward known as genesis. The symbol of the Star of David (two interlocking triangles) signifying a union of dualities and feminine and masculine of life. In 2003 it was identified as Harmonic Concordance as the planets aligned in to this shape.

Since the Dark Ages the split between the two hemispheres of our brains has caused us to live a life of dualities. The left hemisphere concerned with logic and sequential relationships conceptualises everything in a linear time frame, creating an illusion that we are finite and separate from one another. The right hemisphere is concerned with creative processes: imagination, intuition, humour and dreams understands that we are infinite. New synaptic pathways are being forged to promote hemispherical communication. The Golden Age of reality is assisting the combing of the two brains as one, to integrate our reality to a new way of being and living. This is a time where we know we are infinite beings and manifest all our hearts desires. Very exciting times!

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