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Grow your business with video by Melissa Groom – The Visibility Mentor

1 minute of video equates to 1.8 million words.

Video Marketing is no longer just an option if you have a business, it is a necessary tool.

Just like anything when you first start it is overwhelming to know where to start. Being confident on camera takes time. We become confident to do a task when it becomes familiar to us. Just like when we learned to walk or ride a bike, we stumble and fall over trying to get up and it’s the same with learning video.

That is why I created the 30 day video challenge back in February 2015 to teach video marketing and create a safe and supportive group to practice and get support, encouragement and feedback from fellow entrepreneurs just starting out in video. I worked with Anne Aleckson back in 2014 and look at her now on video! She’s done the work and put in the hours of doing videos to grow her profile, income and position herself to be top of mind in her industry. This could be you next.

I invite you to join me in the next 30 day video challenge and together we can change lives 1 video at a time. Register here

Shine your soul bright, the world needs you.

X Mel

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Question & Answers

Susan B McLachlan

Is it ok to do video just as yourself without makeup and dressy clothes?

Social media is the new TV and if you want to be taken seriously show up like you would if you were speaking at an event, or appearing on TV. If you want to attract high paying quality clients they will expect you to be well presented. That doesn’t mean you need an expensive wardrobe. I suggest buy yourself a few blouses. Block colours work best on camera. Stick with colours that suit you. If you don’t wear makeup a little bronzer on the cheeks and lipstick will go a long way.

Lauren Clemett

What is the basic minimum equipment needed to create your own videos and be professional about it?

  1. Quality Audio. Boya Lapel Microphone is only $20
  2. Lighting – Use natural light is possible. Otherwise an LED lamp or selfie ring light
  3. Tripod
  4. Camera- I film on iPhone 11 with back camera. It’s films in 4K which is best quality for YouTube
  5. De-clutter your background and keep it simple.

Naveen Light

Is it important to have text on your videos?

Yes. 80% of people watch a video with the sound off.


Video editing
Perfect Video
Add text to videos

Melissa Groom

Melissa Groom, The Visibility Mentor assists business owners to be more visible and confident on video and she offers her signature 30 Day Visibility Challenge, supporting people every step of the way.


  • Hi Krishina, 80% of people watch a video with the sound off so I would recommend you add captions. I use an app called MixCaptions for my videos. It’s $2.99 AUD for 10 minutes.


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