Gut Health Link to Autoimmune by Marsha Schults

Why you are not healing…

After 7 years of chronic illness, a diagnosis of MS and then healing myself naturally within months, I had to come to terms with my anger and realised when I became aware that practitioners are not trained to support the body back to health. They are trained to prescribe drugs to stop the symptoms. That doesn’t stop the underlying problem. It’s a ‘band aid’ fix.

So, it’s not really their fault. We have evolved enough as humans to know that we need to take control of our bodies and stop giving this power away. This is when my healing began…

The body is designed to heal itself, given the right nutritional support. Many years ago, this was possible through our diet. But with the introduction of highly processed junk food and the chemicals sprayed on our fruit and vegetables, our bodies are malnourished, our immune system is compromised, and we are not equipped to fight the environmental toxins. 

Having educated thousands of people about the connection to gut health and Autoimmune symptoms, gives you the power to heal it and it’s not rocket science.

Chemicals and toxins from our environment, contribute to the breakdown of our gut lining, causing leaky gut. Essentially, Autoimmune = Leaky gut.  

Processed ‘dead’ food contaminated with glyphosate, kills the good bacteria in our gut – essential for healthy digestion. The toxins enter the blood stream via our ‘Leaky Gut’ and we end up with brain fog, memory loss, headaches and cognitive dysfunction. 

Did you know that 90% of our hormones are created in the gut? They are then sent to our organs including the thyroid, heart and brain. 

Did you know that the gut is also responsible for creating and sending essential chemicals to the brain? 

Did you know that the immune system resides in the gut? 

Those prescription medications – they contribute to creating holes in the gut lining. Even though you may feel relief temporarily, you may eventually find yourself experiencing the negative effects.

So the solution lies in healing our leaky gut. For that, we need a natural organic supplement called Fulvic Acid. This essential mineral assists to ‘close the gaps between the cell membranes in the gut lining’. We also need to keep repopulating the gut with the right kind of bacteria called ‘synbiotics’. 

Diet plays a very big role in the breakdown of the gut lining. Inflammatory foods such as gluten, sugar, dairy and meat, create mucus in the gut. This mucus hardens over time and turns into a thick tarry substance called ‘Mucoid Plaque’. This plaque harbours bacteria, viruses, toxins, heavy metals and food particles – which also leak into your blood stream. So, it’s important to do a mucoid plaque cleanse, twice a year at least. In the meantime, you’ll need to supplement with a good quality mineral supplement to support the body during the healing process. 

Eating a healthy diet rich in fibre, drinking 2-3 litres of water and supplementing to support your body to heal itself, is all you need! For a complimentary 15 minute consultation please go to:

Marsha Schults

Marsha Schults has a personal story of recovering from M.S and shares her wisdom, tips, products and tools as an autoimmune recovery coach in Brisbane, offering her consults nationally and overseas.

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