Happy Mother’s Day GAIA Mother Earth by Trish Rock

All of us have a human mother.

All of us equally have the Earth as our mother too.

Gaia supports us, provides for us, grounds us, loves us, feeds us, hydrates us, astounds us, blesses us and holds us in her hands with nothing but unconditional love and gratitude.

Many beliefs are that if we do not begin looking after this planet a lot better that it will be destroyed.

The truth is, the Earth, our planet will always be renewing, expanding, finding new ways to grow and change. It will keep evolving.

Its ability to support human life is actually what we must all be thinking about as that is us! And I for one would like to see several more millions of years of humans evolving here!

We are currently giving Mother Earth the best gift she has had for a long time.

Time to breathe, recover, regain strength and to have more resources to support us in a loving way.

The smog has cleared rapidly. The amount of animals and nature that is thriving beyond belief is astounding! Animals are thriving and being seen in usually crowded places and all around we see the Earth and its inhabitants living more in harmony.

It has meant that we had to be taken out of the picture and this has been challenging for many people for many different reasons but I believe it has been a true testament to the power of the Earth to recover and regain strength in a demonstration we did not think possible.

In fact, many of the climate change experts thought it would take a long time for the Earth to be restored. This has proved that even 2 weeks without our disrespect it can bounce back better than ever!

While this month we celebrate our human mothers on Mother’s Day, take some time to also celebrate your Earth mother who supports and cares for you just like your human mother.

Begin to truly appreciate and be grateful for all the Earth does to support you.

If we all made the conscious effort to live in harmony, cooperation and collaboration with this planet, we could all expand together with it. A win/win all round!

So, on Mother’s Day and every day, feel the unconditional love of your human mother, alive or in spirit, and your Earth mother Gaia. If you are not one to celebrate Mother’s Day as such, and have had a bad experience this lifetime with your human mother or family, then rest assured you are always supported and loved by the Earth and you can tune in to this energy to feel the loving power of all you are.

Celebrate life and the planet we are living it on.

If there is something in your life that you wish to transform with ease and grace that is currently not something you do celebrate, then it is possible to change it. Trust in yourself, feel the support of the earth and know that it is time.

I can help you with clarity and perspective here that will give you the way forward.

Perhaps with the renewal of Mother Earth it is a perfect time for your renewal too.

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Trish Rock

Trish Rock is a Peace Coach, Best Selling Author, Holistic Counsellor and Psychic who helps people to improve their lives through breaking down the barriers to true freedom and holistic wellness. Her clients call her the Queen of Calm because of the peace and clarity she brings into their life.

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