Have you thought of how you can PACE your life? By LK Tommi

Over the next few months, I would love to show you a beautiful yet simple system that will enable you to truly connect with yourself on a deeper level and become more of the real, authentic you.

I use the PACE model in every day of my life and this has become a way of being for me. When life is amazing, I use the PACE model, when life is tricky for others, I share the PACE model. I would love to share it with you.

There are four elements: Play, Acceptance, Curiosity and Engaging. They can be used in order, but equally, not used in order but, used depending on what is happening and where you would like to be in your life. It’s also a process to help others.

Let’s have a look at the first element: Play

PLAY is an amazing part of being you

Do you love the concept of play?

There are lots of things that happen in your brain when you truly connect with play. Your brain goes into a state of stillness and the whole brain relaxes.

Your brain becomes focused on the play and not the problem or what was happening before the play experience. Play is an expression of your inner world, where you discover feelings and everything about yourself. As parents we strengthen our relationships with our young people in an amazing space of curiosity and creativity.

Young people learn and engage with play automatically where they do not need words to explain what they are doing or thinking.

Aha moments always come to us when we have been in a play space or we see problems/situations from a different perspective.

When I connect with adults and talk about the concept of play, they often think it is for children. Play is the best way anyone, yep adults included, can connect with themselves and others.

Play can also be your meditation and mindfulness practice.

Here is the PLAY Process.

  1. Choose a play activity. Play can be with or without objects, let your imagination and curiosity decide what the activity will be.
  2. Be in the play space with your young people or yourself for 20 to 30 minutes every day.
  3. Just go with the experience, there is no structure and no rules, it is what it is (my favourite saying, lots of laughs).
  4. Go with the experience come to a complete relaxation space and enjoy every moment.
  5. Note the AHA moments that will happen. This is the magic of play and it happens every single time.

I love the idea that we connect with ourselves and others through play, this is when magic moments occur of:

P: Pleasure

L: Laughter

A: Activation

Y: Yourself connection

I would love to hear about your experiences with play.

I have some exciting news for you…

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I totally love connecting with others. Let us connect and see what we can explore together.

LK Tommi

LK Tommi helps children and families to cope with negative life experiences by teaching resilience skills.

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