What the Signs & Planets Can Tell You About Your Health


“A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician.” Hippocrates

Astrology and health have long been intimately linked. As a practising astrologer, I am endlessly amazed – though not altogether surprised – at how intricately bound the two actually are.

Astrology, the study of the cosmic influences upon our earthly affairs, reveals much about your overall character, which includes your physical constitution, make-up and general disposition.

Indeed, if a client asks me about the area of their health, I intuitively know by examining their birth chart exactly what their susceptibilities, weak and strong points, vulnerabilities, and potential health outcomes may be. My clients find this insightful, helpful and astonishingly accurate. Having your astrological birth chart read by an experienced and knowledgeable astrologer can certainly offer profound information and many insights into your physical health and wellbeing!

Respiratory issues? Gemini. Unexpected illnesses and accidents? Aquarius. Feet hassles? Pisces. Conditions caused by excesses or indulgent living? Sagittarius. Throat or neck infections? Taurus. Stomach ailments? Cancer or Virgo. And if your Sun isn’t in the sign I state, then you can bet your bottom dollar that that sign is on your ascendant or sixth house cusp, or where your ruling planet resides in your birth chart. Such is the astoundingly accurate and powerfully useful art of health, a.k.a. medical astrology.

Medical astrology concerns particular ways of determining and interpreting an individual’s horoscope with specific reference to health issues – identifying current dis-eases and areas of bodily weaknesses, offering information around potential future conditions, and of course the recommendations of preventative measures, natural cures and remedies.

In ancient times, and still even today, the movement of the stars and planets was believed to affect bodily functions, to cause ailments, to give one a certain disposition or tendency towards certain conditions or propensities, and also to cure, alleviate, prevent, or treat those complaints.

Sixteenth century Swiss physician and mystic Paracelsus asserted that: “Medicine rests upon four pillars: philosophy, astrology, alchemy and ethics.” This quote might come from the eons-old archives of ancient history, but its words still ring true for many of us today, particularly those attracted to a holistic approach to living and those working in the esoteric healing professions.

Most conventional medical practitioners abide by the philosophical and ethical premises of medical thought, but only a select few take the astrological, alchemical or metaphysical approach to healing and wellbeing.

Hippocrates, the fifth century BC Greek physician and ‘father of medicine’ and supposed author of the Hippocratic Oath, maintained that no one should be allowed to practise medicine who had not first studied astrology.

Another Greek physician, Claudius Galen, brought together a huge range of knowledge and ideas in the second century AD which dominated medical practice until the 17th century. Among his teachings was a diagnostic technique which assumed that illnesses and their treatments were affected by and governed by the phases of the Moon. For centuries, astrology was a compulsory component of medical training (and still is in some natural medicine degrees), although only one aspect of diagnosis (identification) and treatment.


When examining the birth chart, your Sun, Moon and Ascendant (rising sign) are generally the most important foci of health and vitality. The luminous reservoir of life that we call our Sun sign is a significant factor in the matter of health, and the other luminary, the Moon, also has dominion in this respect, for the Moon collects and reflects the Solar rays and represents our emotional, inner natures. Our emotions have a direct effect on our health, making your Lunar sign an important consideration in the birth chart.

The Moon is also connected with gestation, fertility and feminine cycles, and therefore is of particular significance in a female’s natal chart, while the Sun, being primarily masculine in energy and representing the seed of life, is of special importance in a male’s natal chart.

However, as with all other life areas that astrology reveals, much depends on your individual natal chart, other planetary and house placements, harmonious and disharmonious aspects, and other factors that only a thorough birth chart reading can tell you. Although a reading of all these significators can be a great way of finding out more about your overall health and vitality, the natal chart needs to be read, analysed, and integrated as a whole.

Although a competent astrologer is able to estimate your potentialities and susceptibilities in relation to health and dis-ease, medical astrology is a complex subject, often requiring specialist knowledge. So if you are wanting to delve into this subject on a deeper level, this can further explored by consulting with a medical astrologer.  


 “Physicians need to be good technicians and know how to prescribe, but for healing to occur they need to incorporate philosophy and spirituality into their treatment.” Bernie S. Seigel

During the Middle Ages, many drawings of the ‘Zodiac Man’ were made, which showed the human body areas/parts which corresponded with each zodiac sign.

From the holistic perspective, of which one’s cosmic blueprint forms a part, our suffering comes from forgetting our wholeness, our oneness with everything in the Universe and in nature. The word ‘health’ comes from the Anglo Saxon hal, from which also comes ‘heal’ and whole’. Therefore, perhaps the simplest definition of health through ongoing healing processes, is ‘to make whole’.

Your zodiac sign can guide you as to which bodily areas are prone to weaknesses or dis-ease, but also show you where your greatest potential strengths are. If you take the holistic approach to your health, healing and overall wellbeing, your zodiac sign’s corresponding body parts and systems may actually be strengthened.


Head, brain, face, blood pressure, muscular system, adrenals, cerebrum, pituitary gland, skull, sinuses
Functional ~ Autonomic
Metaphysical ~ Regeneration

Throat, tonsils, neck, gums, middle ear, thyroid, thymus, metabolic system, vocal cords, thymus, cerebellum, the five physical senses
Functional ~ Metabolic
Metaphysical ~ Fusion

Hands, shoulders, clavicle, arms, lungs, body tubing, nervous system, capillaries, upper ribs
Functional ~ Respiratory
Metaphysical ~Transformation

a Stomach, breasts, womb, chest, elbows, alimentary canal, pancreas, membranes, fluidic and lymphatic systems
Functional ~ Lymphatic
Metaphysical ~ Conversion

Heart, upper back, spine, wrists, forearms, aorta, blood
Functional ~ Circulatory
Metaphysical ~ Individuation

Intestines, digestive system, abdomen, pancreas, spleen, colon, nervous system, hands, fingernails and toenails
Functional ~ Digestive
Metaphysical ~ Distillation

Kidneys, skin, glands, urethra, ears, acid/alkaline, lower back, buttocks, sugar and temperature balance, adrenals, lumbar area of spine, blood vessels
Functional ~ Excretory
Metaphysical ~ Transmutation

Reproductive systems, genitals, bladder, prostate, rectum, pelvis, colon, nose, sweat glands, haemoglobin, excretory and immune systems
Functional ~ Reproductive
Metaphysical ~ Generation

Hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, blood, , coccyx, liver, gluteous muscles
Functional ~ Muscular
Metaphysical ~ Purgation

Knees, joints, bones, skin, hair, nails, teeth, gall bladder, phlegm, ligaments
Functional ~ Osteopathic
Metaphysical ~ Division

Lower legs, calves, ankles, blood circulation, heart valves, spinal cord, sympathetic nervous system, motor nerves, oxidation processes of the body
Functional ~ Neurologic
Metaphysical ~ Elevation

Feet, toes, liver, gastro-abdominal system, clotting mechanisms, pineal gland, appendix,  immune and lymphatic systems
Functional ~ Somatic
Metaphysical ~ Dissolution


As well as your Sun sign, other planetary factors come into play when it comes to your health, particularly the influence of your chart ruler (the ruling planet of the ascendant sign. For example a Taurus rising subject’s chart ruler would be Venus) and of our Sun sign’s ruler (for example, if you are a Virgo, your ruler is Mercury). Your birth chart’s ruling planet and your Sun sign’s primary ruler, are important in identifying areas of possible weakness, vulnerability, susceptibility, and illness.


Heart, circulatory system, cells, back, spinal cord, life force

The Sun radiates light and power as each individual radiates out from the core centre or nucleus of his or her being. And just as the Sun is in the centre of the galaxy, so the Sun in the astrological chart represents the essence or centre of your self. In the body, the Sun rules the heart and cardiovascular system, which gives life to the rest of the cells. Leos are particularly susceptible to Solar influences and related health conditions.


Body fluids, blood, lymph, sight

The Moon, which reflects the light of the Sun, is ever changing and reflective. She represents the subconscious side of your personality, and your feelings, emotional nature, instincts and habits. The Moon waxes and wanes, symbolising the dual processes of birth and death. In the body, the Moon rules the fluids, the secretions of the glands and digestive organs, and the mucous membranes.

According to lore, people bleed more markedly during the waxing and full Moons than at any other time, therefore indicating that surgeries might best be performed during the waning Moon.

Both ancient and modern beliefs about the Moon’s regulating powers suggest that the body’s cycles and fluids, like the ocean tides, respond to the Moon’s gravitational pull. Cancerians are particularly susceptible to Lunar influences and related health conditions.


Nervous system, hearing, speech, hands, body tubing

Mercury, the winged messenger, is a link between the Moon and the Sun. In the astrological horoscope, Mercury shows how an individual communicates, learns, relates, and expresses him or herself. In the body, Mercury rules over the nervous system, which sends impulses and messages to every cell of the body. Mercury also rules the respiratory system, the mental faculties, and the functions of speech and hearing. Geminis and Virgos are particularly susceptible to Mercurial influences and related health conditions.


Glands, hormones, kidneys, sugar balance, throat

Venus, the planet of love, arts and beauty, shows how we behave in and attract love and romance, our aesthetic tastes, our values, and our creative, artistic sides. In the body, Venus rules the throat and thyroid gland, kidneys, and bladder. Taureans and Librans are particularly susceptible to Venusian influences and related health conditions.


Muscles, head, adrenal glands, inflammations, red blood corpuscles, energy levels

Mars, the Red Planet, the warrior and aggressor, represents our masculine side, vitality, passions, sexual energy, and overall drive. In the body, Mars rules the blood, muscles and adrenal glands. Conditions arising from overheating, such as fevers, flushes and infections, are under the rulership of Mars as well. Mars by affliction brings fevers, cuts, burns, scalds, wounds, irritability, and overactivity. Arians and Scorpios are particularly susceptible to Martian influences and related health conditions.


Blood, liver, hips, thighs, pituitary gland, lungs, body fats, sciatic nerve, pancreas

Jupiter is the largest planet, the great benefactor representing the principles of growth, increase, opportunity and expansion. Jupiter bestows the gifts of prophecy, spiritual growth, meaning, enlightenment, philosophy and optimistic faith. He stimulates us to look beyond the names and forms of things to understand their philosophical implications. In the body, Jupiter rules the liver, pancreas and the sciatic nerve (the largest nerve in the body). Conditions arising from excess and overindulgence such as obesity, ulcers, alcoholism, and other addictions are also ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarians and Pisceans are particularly susceptible to Jupiterian influences and related health conditions.


Teeth, bones and stones, skin, hearing, sluggishness

Saturn is regarded as a teacher, tester and task-master, representing perfect justice, responsibility, obligation, duty and high accomplishment, solidifying and grounding energy by relating it to Earthly material and practical matters. As in philosophical symbolism, Saturn helps to support, protect and maintain the structures of our body: the backbone, teeth, bones, joints, nails, and skin. Saturn by affliction brings falls, chills, sluggish activity, sprains, dislocations, decay, disintegration, and bruising. Capricorns and Aquarians are particularly susceptible to Saturnian influences and related health conditions.


Cerebral and nervous functions, rhythmic systems, spasms, ankles, circulation

Uranus, the awakener of humanity to a New Age, has the most eccentric orbit among the planets. Uranus stands for anything that is rebellious, unconventional and individualistic. It rules electricity and atomic radiation. Its intuitive insight comes in flashes, and Uranus goes beyond the boundaries to break down outworn traditions and structures. As a higher octave of Mercury, Uranus is related to the nervous system, governing the electrical force that flows through the nerve channels. Spasms, tics, cramps, and irregular heartbeat therefore come under its influence. Uranus by affliction brings excessive vitality, nervous tension, cramping, twitches, and unexpected, inexplicable illnesses. Aquarians are particularly susceptible to Uranian influences and related health conditions.


Weakness, slackness, allergy-proneness, infection, lymphatic system, pineal gland, spleen

Neptune the Sea God, ruled over the waters of the Earth and flows through each of us as the potential to attune to cosmic consciousness, otherworldly planes, and transcendent realms. Being the higher octave of Venus, Neptune brings the Venusian love to the level of compassion and mysticism. In the body, Neptune rules the cerebrospinal fluid, the pineal gland, and the lymphatic system. It governs obscure dis-eases that may be difficult to diagnose, as well as addictions, hallucinations, and psychoses. Neptune by affliction also brings hypersensitivity and hypochondriac tendencies. Pisceans are particularly susceptible to Neptunian influences and related health conditions.


Immune system, transformative and genetic functions, endocrine system

Pluto, God of the Underworld, leads us through the processes of birth, death, rebirth, purification, regeneration, purging, transformation, and the shadowy depths of our deepest selves. Pluto, being the higher octave of Mars, is like a volcano erupting when its power bursts forth. Pluto rules the reproductive and excretory systems, and relates to hidden cell changes and the destruction of tissue. Pluto by affliction brings elimination system disorders and blockages, conditions brought about by obsessions and compulsions, and deep-seated toxic conditions. Scorpios are particularly susceptible to Plutonian influences and related health conditions.

Health astrology is a wonderful way to help you understand your physical nature, tendencies, susceptibilities, strengths and potential weaknesses better. Being aware of what makes your body tick by exploring your cosmic make-up can indeed give you profound insights that you can utilise to enjoy a fuller, more vital, fitter, healthier and longer life. Cheers to great health by the stars!

“Health is not just the absence of disease but a state of vitality, of energy, of creativity – a higher state of consciousness. Health is that state of awareness in which your intelligence, and all the elements and forces that structure your body, are in complete harmony with the elements and the forces that structure the body of the Universe.” Deepak Chopra


Influenza, otherwise known as ‘the flu’, was so named because it was believed to be due to the ‘influence’ of the stars. The Concise Oxford Dictionary once gave the meaning of the word influence as: ‘Flowing from stars of ethereal fluid affecting character and destiny of man’.

PLEASE NOTE ~ All advice contained in this article is only information that indicates areas of potential weakness or possible afflictions, and should only be used as a guide, never in a diagnostic capacity. Further, it should never replace professional medical advice. If you are concerned about any aspect of your health, please seek advice from a qualified medical professional.

Lani is a mother, a consulting astrologer with 34 years experience, published author of 18 books, natural and holistic health advocate, tarot expert, healer, crystal therapist, teacher of esoteric subjects and metaphysical provider, who takes the holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and currently resides in Melbourne. She can be contacted via email: or her Facebook page ‘Astrology Magic’.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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