How A Stem Cell Regeneration Support Supplement Gave Me My Life Back by Marsha Schults – Autoimmune Recovery Coach

How A Stem Cell Regeneration Support Supplement gave me my life back…

It was my last hope. The next step was a wheelie-walker. I could barely stand for more than 10 minutes without having to rest, I trembled so much. I was 45 and wearing pads for incontinence …but I didn’t dare tell anyone. 

My MS diagnosis 3 days earlier almost broke me. I knew it wasn’t ‘fibromyalgia’. I had tried everything to heal naturally from diet changes, naturopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, psychotherapy, osteopathy and more. 

I was in debt and desperate. I was close to giving up after a 7 year battle, trying to find solutions to the myriad of symptoms my doctor only prescribed medications for… Chronic Fatigue, depression, anxiety, severe insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, food allergies, hay fever, eczema, IBS, brain fog and more… 

I spent my days in bed or on the lounge, doing as little as possible, socially isolating. I lost a few friends when I needed them most, but I was afraid of not remembering their names or their kids names. I didn’t have the energy to get ready and couldn’t sit for long without feeling extremely irritable. It was my ‘new normal’. I was so humiliated and alone. 

“Try it Marsha” said my friend Roslyn. “I’ve never felt so good and both my girls are finally off their recreational drugs and thriving”. For as long as I had known Ros, she shared many stories of her adult children going in and out of rehabs, prison, psych wards and one even had open heart surgery after developing endocarditis from a dirty needle. 

Listening to the recordings of others who felt tremendous relief from painful and debilitating conditions like arthritis, dementia, diabetes, pain, autoimmune, thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, neuropathy and more… I was desperate and couldn’t wait for my order to arrive. I immediately double dosed.

It was absolutely a miracle…

Within 8 weeks, I was back at full time work. I was sleeping! Every. Single. Night. What was most delightful, was that I felt REALLY happy. But more importantly, all my neurological symptoms improved by 80%. Twelve months on and I’m symptom freschultse. 

I learned that we have over 220 different types of stem cells in our body. Stem cells are programmed to die when they become too toxic. Sick stem cells are linked to disease progression because the body can’t heal. 

Our skin regenerates every 27 days… We need healthy stem cells for that! The ingredients in this formulation work like a cellular detox and puts the cells back to work! The real bonus is that is works like an anti-ageing product. 

I have helped thousands of people overcome many conditions that they have suffered with for years. To learn more, join my group below: 

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Marsha Schults

Marsha Schults has a personal story of recovering from M.S and shares her wisdom, tips, products and tools as an autoimmune recovery coach in Brisbane, offering her consults nationally and overseas.

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