How can energy flows create more Joy? By Shauna Teaken

It sounds a little bit naughty, a little bit exciting, but that is what having a body is meant to be – a fun, joyous, enthusiastic, joyful, pleasurable thing.  

Your whole body is actually a big pleasure organ!

Has anyone mentioned that before?

Religions have told us for thousands of years that to be a good person, you must overcome your body’s desires – then you might get your reward if you are really good and resist, resist, resist temptation! 

Trouble is the reward is supposed to come once your body is dead!

What would happen if we stopped resisting and started relaxing, and enjoying our bodies just a little more?  

Maybe a bit more health?

Some people will say  “Oh, that sounds a bit simplistic, a bit selfish and also maybe naughty. I don’t know if I can do that.” 

But, you can… you can, you can, you can!

Try This

Simply take a deep breath in, pull energy through your head, down through your whole body, out through your feet and into the earth. 

Let the energy sink deep into the earth.

(It’s not a visualisation. Don’t try to picture it.)

Breathe out with a big sigh.

You probably did that as quick as you read it. It’s a natural capacity, this connecting with our bodies and the earth. 

Now breathe in and pull energy up from the earth, through your feet, and out the top of your head like you’re a big fountain. 

Let the energy stream over you in a soft, relaxing flow.

Allow it to be a continuously flowing stream, down through your head, out your feet and into the earth, at the same time pulling up through the earth and out the top of your head.

Let it stream into every muscle, organ, bone – every cell of your body, and turn the energy to gold. Just ask for the frequency of gold.

Not a picture, not an imagining. 

Just gold energy lighting and lightening up every cell, whispering “Cells, cells, relax, relax…… relax.”

Running Gold Energy Flows daily can begin to heal the body gently, starting with energetics and activating the cells to detoxify and replenish.

The more you practice moving this energy through your body, the more relaxation, ease and pleasure your body can have – and it overflows into all areas of living. 

Join Shauna’s next class, “Playing with elementals, fairies, and nature spirits: 7 days of gold energy flows” at

Shauna Teaken

Shauna Teaken has a light hearted yet surprisingly effective approach to joyful living with youthful vitality that goes beyond the expected.

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