How can Iridology address your allergies and digestive dysfunction?by Cherie Ashana

Often clients will come to me and ask, “how can Iridology help me? I’ve tried everything & I’m still stuck with X Y Z condition.”

We are only ever at the hands of the practitioner, therapist, healer, doctor that we have chosen, but what if just for a moment you were to widen your field of vision and be more open to more than one way to find the root cause of any symptom, issue or illness that is presenting in your life.

Through the Iridology lens, I’m looking at where you’re at now & what’s of most importance and most of all offering you support on you journey, Iridology can also share with me a great deal of information about your genetic and family history.

Which is super helpful when making any health plan moving forward.

I personally combine several practices with my clients, for me Iridology is the gateway into your world. Through Iridology, I have access to all your body systems, your emotions, your history, both family and personal & what is going on a deeper level.

Iridology is not treating or a cure, it’s just another way in to see what might be the underlying cause or influence that may be affecting you, hence causing the presenting illness or condition.

I’d like to share an example from one of my most recent clients, he was presenting with intense allergies, which was quite unusual for him & he was unable to get to the bottom of the cause.

What I explained to him was that by looking at his eyes we can see if the allergies are an internal or external influence. I quickly ascertained that the allergies were due to something from within.

How so? In Iridology what presents is something called an allergy net, it presents in two ways, it either sits on the outer rim of the iris or penetrates the iris. In this case it was penetrating the iris.

With this information in hand, he also shared with me that he was also experiencing some digestive issues recently-reflux. I could see from the colour, pigmentation & his constitution type that my client was suffering from low stomach acid, very common in people & that some digestive enzymes before meals will help to stabilise the stomach acid and in turn balance his system, which may also assist with the constant allergies (the low stomach acid and allergies are often connected). Just through analysing the eyes I could see all this information and by connecting the dots from my personal experience with assessing eyes, I could present the client with a different alternative without heavy medications, that in turn cause side effects, hence creating a knock-on effect in other areas within the body.

Iridology can assist you in so many ways & will always be able to offer a reason why something is happening within the body.

Cherie Ashana x

Advanced Physical Iridologist, herbalist & Healer To book an Advanced Physical Iridology assessment with me either in person or virtually please either email on or call on 0412 450 664, for all my services go to my website

Cherie Ashana

Cherie Ashana is a qualified, integrated Iridologist, herbalist & much more..

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