How emotions affect your intestines by Joel Grace Owner, Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre

I’m the first person to admit that a colonic is more than just a physical release – for many people, a colonic is also an emotional and spiritual release. The colon is where the body stores waste products ready for elimination, so it makes sense that if we have emotional and spiritual ‘waste’ then this can be released via our colon too. I encourage clients to tap into their feelings and try to release anything that is no longer serving them – whether it be old emotions, unhelpful behaviour patterns or unresolved anger. This is one reason why people say they feel lighter after a treatment, not only in their gut, but also in their mind.

It’s suggested that we store different emotions in different parts of our colon. Take a look at these emotional colon blockages and see if any present as physical manifestations in your body.

Ascending colon = Anger

Your ascending colon sits just below your liver on the right-hand side of your abdomen. Energetically your liver is a fiery organ, hence the ascending colon adopts some of this fire to represent unresolved anger. If you regularly feel pain in this area, it’s quite possible you have some old hurt that needs clearing so that you can move forward both physically and emotionally. I encourage you to tap into this emotion during your colonic. You will often witness a big physical release exiting the viewing tube towards the end of your treatment as you focus on clearing this anger.

Transverse colon = Anxiety and worry

Your transverse colon is positioned from right to left across your mid-section. We generally feel anxiety in the pit of our stomach, correct? This is because our gut and brain are so closely interconnected, that any imbalance in the gut is going to be reflected in both organs. A good technique to release this anxiety during your treatment is to take some deep low breaths to send a heap of oxygen-rich blood to your colon muscles and re-engage this area.

Descending colon = Sadness and fear

Your descending colon travels down your left-hand side of your abdomen, from your ribs to your hips, and is strongly correlated with feelings of sadness, loss and fear. Physically, the descending colon is one of the last parts waste will travel before leaving your body. Similarly, feelings of sadness, loss and fear can be so deep-rooted, that they are the last emotions we cleanse and process. People who experience discomfort in this location often benefit from a colon cleanse, as it chips away at years’ worth of waste and can help with a fresh start or new perspectives.

DID YOU KNOW: It’s not uncommon for clients to cry during a treatment or soon thereafter? I support this emotional release as it is just as important as the physical release. Better out than in, as they say…..


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