How Pilates Can Transform! Part 1 By Sandra Leigh

Look out big question alert coming up ….

How would you like to look great, feel great, have pain relief from your back, neck, shoulder, hip, have better flexibility and mobility, stand tall, feel confident, calm your mind and your life and stay injury free as you age and when you play sports? WOW!

These are just a few of the things I’m going to share with you and you can solve these problems in your life SO THAT YOU HAVE MORE FUN and live an amazing life!

How would you like to look great and feel great?

One of the key principles to Pilates is alignment, so that means your posture. When you improve your posture, you will automatically stand taller, feel confident and you’ve just got that great physiology that you move freely in your body. When our joints are aligned, this helps our muscles to function more effectively. It helps us to walk more efficiently, move more efficiently and play sport more efficiently. When the whole of the body is in alignment and functioning together as it should, this then transmits out on how you look, how you feel and your physiology is vibrant and healthy.

How would you like to relieve pain from your back, neck, shoulder, hip

or whatever muscular skeletal pain you’re experiencing?

One of the ways Pilates helps you is by stimulating the blood flow and bringing the healing flow into your pain areas. Be it your back, your hip, your shoulder or your neck.  Another way is the stretching and the mobility will help give you more easy freedom of movement in your body. You know that tight, stiff feeling that you get, especially as you age, (but you don’t have to be old to have tight, stiff muscles). Pilates gives you more freedom of movement and range through those joints, therefore reducing pain.

Let’s look at back pain for a moment, this is one of the most common pain points that come to Pilates. The most common back problem is a lower disc injury, the lumbar disc in particular. It could be general degeneration, it could be that the disc has bulged or fractured, or just aged, so your body needs core stabilisation to help you reduce the pain that’s caused from that disc injury.

Building core strength will completely help you with back pain. When a body is unbalanced, you will have an overuse of one set of muscles and an underuse of another set of muscles. When this happens, your muscles get weak, tired and sore. Learning to correctly switch on and engage the correct muscles will help you avoid this problem.

Let’s talk about mobility and flexibility.

When you have more mobility in your body, you have more fun. Think about golfing, that beautiful swing that you need in golf, think about surfing, swimming, any sort of activity that you need to be active. You need to have a mobile spine and Pilates very much focuses on spinal health, Pilates will help you to mobilise your spine and help you mobilize through all of the joints.

Let’s talk about flexibility! So think about that jar that you need to reach on the top shelf that you can’t quiet reach because your muscles are restricting you, this is how injuries happen.  Being able to reach for something without a pulling and a pain in that area is achievable, basically having a more mobile and flexible body will allow you to live a more active fun life.

So that gives you a few ideas about how Pilates will bring more fun into your life and keep you safe from injury. Next month I will share more about how Pilates can assist you with calmness, confidence and your pelvic floor.

In the interim, I have a special FREE GIFT FOR YOU, it is an online Pilates membership called Fast Track your Mind and Body Health.

There is a range of holistic practices, activities and a great bunch of stretch and mobility exercises inside. Look, if you never even do Pilates, it doesn’t matter, at the very least click the link, sign up for the free product and start a nice little stretch routine so that you can feel amazing EVERY DAY.

I look forward to sharing more next month with you about Pilates and how you can bring Pilates into your life to create a fun, life of ease and have a body that supports you as you get older- happy days.

Sandra Leigh

Sandra is the pioneer of Pilates Success Peregian Beach. She is a talented pilates instructor, entrepreneur and coach.

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