How To Flow With Life by Nicki McCosker-Dell

If you are following your heart, and you are a business owner, or in a relationship, have a vision, are taking steps toward your dream, or let’s face it if you are a human being, you are going to at times suddenly experience ‘the unexpected’ or face rough seas.  The mind doesn’t cope well with sudden change or uncertainty, yet we always have choice in how we respond to the realities of life.  Let me share three fundamentals for flowing with the ups and downs of life with more ease, and responding to choppy waters.  You can experience more inner peace, a meaningful life, and more freedom to influence your reality and destiny.  But first let’s stick with the ocean analogies, and take some inspiration from penguins. 

These tenacious creatures move to their inner compass, navigate waves like a world champion surfer and follow their heart (for example they go without food for long periods in below zero temperatures all for the love of their hatchling).  I vividly remember the magical moment when life unexpectedly brought me some penguins, right to my doorstep.  Very early one morning, I was suddenly woken by the noisy racket of a family of penguins.  No, I wasn’t dreaming – they were real life, kind of stinky, very cute African penguins – and I had no idea they were going to be gathering right outside my accommodation at about two in the morning! We were staying in Simon’s Town in South Africa, which is well known for its penguin colonies down on the beach, but I didn’t know that they would bless me with their presence at such an odd hour and so far from the beach.  

This penguin party was a delightful, unexpected turn of events.  But of course we all know what it’s like to experience the kind of ‘unexpected’ that turns your world upside down, or leaves you feeling lost, frustrated or down-and-out.   Fortunately, we can become more like those flightless, tuxedo-wearing penguins, and navigate the unpredictable waves of life with confidence and instinct. 

Be mindful of creating balance

It’s easy to neglect essential elements of our life when one particular part becomes a significant challenge.  We each are a balance of soul, spirit, body and mind, and each of these facets of our being have their own needs, that also at times are competing.  Each facet can however work in beautiful harmony when you are in connection with your Soul Body Connection.  In becoming overly focused on one element of our life, the whole of us experiences the consequences of this and stress is created.  What is a simple way to create more balance right now?  Remember to be present for and practice gratitude for what you have in the present moment.  This helps to calm your nervous system and your mind.  

Stay true to what resonates with your heart

At times a dream you are working towards, a relationship or friendship, a career change or trying to create positive change can become stressful as things feel shaky while you do your best to ride out the big swells, the setbacks and even the distress of things not playing out as you’d hoped.  Staying true to what resonates with your heart, even when you feel overwhelmed or lost, is like a balm for your soul and your spirit.  This is however easier said than done!  Keep reading to learn how you can create the best possible foundations to support yourself with this. 

Build a strong foundation

All things worth investing in need a strong foundation to last.  If the truth that flows from your heart says to stick with something even though it’s hard right now, look at how you can keep building on the foundations of your dream, your relationship, your creative endeavour, etc.  What will create strength, as opposed to create weakness, and how specifically can you continue to add strength?  Your soul, spirit, body and mind all need strong foundations in place.  Foundations take time to build, so don’t give up – unless of course you recognise that your heart is no longer really in it anymore, and it’s time to let something or someone go.  

The ultimate resource

For staying afloat, flowing with life and staying true to your heart, the ultimate resource is my new book, The Inner Wisdom Book: Embrace Your Dreams & Transform Your Challenges, whichteaches you in detail how to do a Freedom Balance.  During a Freedom Balance, you will connect to the higher guidance of your soul, spirit and body, all working in harmony – this is your Soul Body Connection.  Using muscle monitoring, you will receive indication of what resonates – as a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ indication – with your Soul Body Connection.  This is completely unique to Freedom Balance, and The Inner Wisdom Book.

This book is being launched in early December, and you can pre-order this empowering and life changing resource here.  I know well that staying true to my heart during uncertain times has tested my commitment and my resourcefulness over and over again.  It’s an uncharted and at times lonely endeavour, but since I have learned how to truly access my inner wisdom, I feel less alone and more anchored.  I wish you well with following your heart, and flowing with the inevitable waves of your life.   


Nicki McCosker Dell

Nicki is a mentor and counsellor, and the founder of The Inspiration Couch. Nicki has pioneered a modality called, ‘The Inner Wisdom Method’ – which is a fusion of different elements of kinesiology, counselling and psychology. Nicki loves supporting her clients to discover, embrace and follow their own wisdom.

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