How to Prepare for the Holiday Season or Travel in 2013!

How to Prepare for the Holiday Season or Travel in 2013!

This has got to be the speediest year ever and the festive season will also be here before we know it.
What do you like to do on your holidays? That’s assuming you get time off…but do you like to stay at home at relax or plan a little overseas adventure, immerse yourself in a new culture and bring back plenty of goodies for the relies just in time for Xmas day!

If you are planning a trip overseas or a European vacation or maybe you are thinking of a working overseas holiday in 2013, don’t forget to do your research and prepare your travel check list:

1. Those Lonely Planet Books are a handy read before heading off overseas and a pocket translator never goes astray in non-English speaking countries.
2. It’s a good idea to do some planning and look into medical, dental and your natural health requirements before heading overseas.
3. For short trips and if you plan to stay and work overseas then health insurance can be a real life saver.

4. Find robust luggage that you can rely on that won’t get ripped open or lost easily.
5. Take a few different forms of payment: get some local currency before you go as well as travellers’ cheques and take a couple of credit cards too.
6. Check all the travel Visa requirements, passport info and things you can bring in to the country and take home from a country and other country specific info at
7. Travel light as you will probably need to cart your luggage around a fair bit!
8. Find out the seasonal and climate info for where you will be travelling to so you know what sort of clothes to pack.
9. Make sure someone back home knows roughly where you are, where you are going and how to contact you- (keep in touch by Skype, email or international mobile roaming). Also see if someone can pick up your mail, take the rubbish bins out and also make sure you do all regular bill paying before you leave where possible.
10. Have fun researching and preparing, these are just a few helpful tips to get you going…..whatever you do…make sure you are celebrating the festive season and 2013 with a cheer!

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