How to use a pendulum by Courtney Stark

A pendulum is a weighted object attached to a chain or string such as a pointed crystal or even a ring.  You can use a pendulum to connect to your innate intuition and subconscious mind by understanding how a pendulum swings.  This is referred to as the practice of dowsing.   

When choosing a pendulum, you should go with what you are drawn to and cleanse it before use to remove any energetic connections to its previous owner.  You could use salt, intention or simply running water to cleanse your pendulum. 

Once your pendulum is cleansed, you can work with it to gain insights into questions you have.

  1. Hold the chain or fob with your dominant hand and allow the pendulum to hang down above your non-dominant hand with your palm facing up.
  2. Take a moment to feel into any energy and centre yourself.
  3. Calibrate your pendulum by asking a simple yes/no question.  Watch for how the pendulum swings to determine which rotation means yes and which means no.  For example, you could ask it to confirm your name – “Is my name….” or simply ask “show me Yes”.
  4. Once you’ve determined what a “yes” and “no” is for your pendulum, you can ask your pendulum any questions you may have.  Write down anything else that comes to you while working with your pendulum such as emotions, feelings, thoughts or images.
  5. When you are finished with your pendulum, take a moment to thank it for working with you and keep it in a safe place like a padded bag or even on a necklace.

Pendulums can give us powerful guidance by helping us to tune into our own intuition.  Like any spiritual practise, the more time you spend working with your pendulum, the more in tune with it you will become. 

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(Moon of Gemini, 2021)

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Courtney Stark

After 20 years as a solitary pagan, Courtney Stark shares her love of Earth based spirituality through her online store. Courtney has one of Australia’s largest ranges of spiritual and metaphysical goods and is passionate about helping others on their spiritual path.

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