We are all the product of our environmental conditioning and genetic predisposition. What this means is: we as an energy field, infuse parts of self into a body (soul) that is downloaded with the ideas, feelings, ways of being, paradigms, cultural experiences, and attitudes of every experience in the chosen family line back many generations. Why does this happen?

You are one expression of a mass consciousness that creates all with its thoughts. Meaning you have been every experience in your family from who you are now, to your grandparents, partners, siblings etc, in many timelines, dimensions and realities. 

Source consciousness is a field of thought and knowledge looking to experience and expand itself. We are the thoughts we think. We begin to think and create from that thought. We can choose where we go and who we play with for our growth and understanding around what we can create and expand upon.

What are these programs that dominate our unconscious mind? They are called “Paradigms”. These are the beliefs and cultural habits we pick up from our lineage and our environment that are not ours. 

As each thought embodies a physical experience, it becomes diluted in consciousness. All information needed to drive this world is packed into the Genes of the body, however, we have forgotten how to access it.

When we come into a dense physical environment for a new experience, our mind is a clean slate. We are recorders in a constant Theta state, watching and mimicking everything. 

This first 7 years in the learning state, we learn from others how to navigate this experience, until our bodies (soul/subconscious) take over by referring back to the programs we accumulated up until age 7. Those before us who have forgotten and buried their awareness, teach the newcomers (new souls) from this distorted perspective; this is how the wrong information gets handed down the line. Keep in mind that we can only evolve as far as our soul can understand and comprehend. 

We, as collective, learn, grow, wake up, and unravel the hidden knowledge with each generation’s mistakes and triumphs. All the knowledge of every experience we have ever had is within our DNA waiting for us to tap in. 

I find Planetary transits brilliant for supporting us to go deeper. 

For those who find they are in constant conflict, understand that the drivers of these issues are your soul looking for the hidden, or wounded aspects of self. It will pull into its field anyone or anything it feels is a match to trigger or open that can of worms, in order to find understanding.

We are duality, contrast, mirrors, shadows of everything and everyone in our environment, as we are a thought of the original Source looking to expand. We are everything and nothing. 

How did we get into this current situation? See next month’s Part 2 

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Deb Norman

Deb Norman is the creator of The Quantum Blueprint.
She offers wisdom in the areas of psychological astrology, psychic/medium- Reiki, Secheim, Theta healings, Energy body healings, strategic intervention life coaching and metaphysics.

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