Have you ever felt like you are not attracting ideal clients and struggling to get noticed online?

I have found one of the most powerful things you can do if you want to influence people is to share your story. Your highs and lows and how you have navigated through those challenges.

If you want people to relate to you, it’s important to be vulnerable, transparent, authentic.

Your avatar is often yourself. So, what would you want to know when you were struggling?

It’s important to share the relevant stories for your target audience. This may change depending on who you are talking to and what the purpose of sharing your story is.

Then you can share with your audience, followers, that you know how they feel, that you have been where they are at, you know their pains, their struggles, their frustrations, that is how you will connect with them. 

Research states that 64% of consumers are visual learners, so share your story on video if you really want to attract clients, and stand out online. 

Social media has portrayed a lot of people to have it all together, with polished photos and people mainly showing their good news, achievements and success. 

To be an Influencer we need to evoke emotion into the listener. Tell them how you have failed, tell them how you fell into a pit, went bankrupt, battled your weight, or addictions, suffered depression, lost a baby. Share your rock bottom moment. 

Share your story to lead by example, to inspire your audience to know that you were just like them, but you took the steps – and tell them the exact steps you took to get through your obstacles and challenges.

How to Prepare to Share Your Story:

  1. Write down in bullet points significant moments in your life
  1. Now highlight the ones that are relevant to your ideal client that show your struggle and the solution that you found. Share the solution in steps if its more than one point. 
  1. Cross out any points you definitely do not want to mention, or are not relevant to giving a solution to your avatar.
  1. Write up some questions around the points that you can then answer.
  1. Type these questions up and print them out. 
  1. Film yourself answering the questions multiple times until you feel comfortable with sharing it and speaking in flow. Or ask someone to ask you the questions.
  1. Use a lapel microphone and a ring light, or led soft box light, and a tripod.
  1. Prepare a nice setting with a lounge chair, plant, lamp, candle and position yourself to the left and turn your body to the side as if you were being interviewed. Not too much clutter.
  1. Wear block colours and hire someone to do your hair/make-up, so you look and feel your best.
  1. Film from the elbows up as 80% of communication is body language. Try not to put your hands towards the screen or lean back and forth.
  1. Film with the back camera of your phone unless you have 4K option.
  1. Film in landscape. 

One of the best ways to share your story is to get someone to ask you questions. Choose someone you know and trust, someone that you feel comfortable with to share your story with first. Or print them out and have them beside you out of view, answer them slightly off centre and to the side, like you would if someone was interviewing you by asking the questions and then answer them.

Then look for opportunities to share your story. There are thousands of podcasters, meetups and networking groups. Write your story. The more often you share it, the easier it will get. 

Post it on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Facebook group, Facebook personal profile, LinkedIn, and email it to your database.

My Story

Have you ever struggled to get your content noticed online and attract your ideal clients?

I have found having my own Talk Show elevated my personal brand fast without having to spend thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing.

Back in 2010 I created my own talk show – Toddlers To Teens TV. I quickly started growing a profile and my personal brand. People would approach me at events and at shopping centres and say, “You’re that lady from Toddlers To Teens.”

I was astounded that people would say “I really feel like I know you, but we’ve never met. I’ve only watched your videos.”

Over the past ten years I have produced various talk shows viewed in 78 countries around the world. I believe if we want to become a recognised leader in our industry then having our own talk show is the solution. It will build a loyal trusted following by publishing weekly content that solves our target markets problems.

65% of consumers have purchased a product or service after watching a video from a brand. Video builds the know, like and trust factor.

I invite you to book a discovery call with me and let’s see what talk show concept you can create to become an influencer and make a difference. 

Book here- 

Connect with me on Facebook for more visibility tips

Shine bright, the world needs you.

💕 Melissa 

Melissa Groom

Melissa Groom, The Visibility Mentor assists business owners to be more visible and confident on video and she offers her signature 30 Day Visibility Challenge, supporting people every step of the way.

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