Inner Fulfillment by Tony Collins

Tony Collins profile 250px RM1I’m often asked by people what prompted me to become a past life regression therapist?!

Like many western people interested in reincarnation, I was first introduced to past lives by reading Dr Brian Weiss’s work, a series of books that had pride of place in my backpack whilst travelling in the 90’s. I already had a strong interest in mind, body and spirit methods, but there was something about the prospect of having lived before and the eternal life of the soul that really fascinated me.

After thinking about it for some time, I booked my first regression with a therapist in London, and was amazed by several aspects of the experience. Firstly, the vividness of the memories, complete with sights, sounds and very strong emotional responses was unexpectedly powerful, and secondly the content of the lifetimes themselves came as a surprise. It was fascinating to see who I was in the lives we explored, and how each lifetime had an underlying link to feelings in my current life. Shortly afterwards I was fortunate to see Dr Michael Newton give a lecture on Life Between Lives and how people remember their soul memories from between lives, and from then on I was hooked – I knew I had to learn how to do these techniques and offer them as a service in clinical practice.

Over 12 years have passed since I saw my first regression client and I’m still amazed at the results people have achieved by undergoing these approaches. In various cases physical symptoms with no explanation have cleared, emotional problems that have affected people for decades no longer trouble them, and anxieties, traumatic events and panic attacks have been removed from the nervous system in ways where they haven’t returned. In a couple of instances, clients have reported they no longer needed anti depressants to deal with their symptoms, as the symptoms have virtually vanished after their regressions.

These results have only been possible with focus and effort – every person who has achieved a great result has applied themselves fully to the process and come to appreciate that regression therapy is about understanding why we experience what we experience in this life. Knowing about the source of problems helps us to resolve them so we can heal and move forward.

Past Life and Regression practices have come a long way over the past 20 years and are now thoroughly structured therapeutic approaches. A student on my last training went so far as to say they believed it was the “psychotherapy of the future”, as it embraces all 3 aspects of mind, body and soul, and treats an issue at it’s original source. Perhaps in time, this prediction may prove to be true.

After more than a decade of practice, I’m now fortunate enough to be teaching these methods to new practitioners, and I’m thrilled to be running a fresh series of trainings in 2016. For counsellors, allied health practitioners, or those who are new to allied health seeking an in depth knowledge of this work, I run a series of specialised training courses in Regression therapies and Hypnosis, which will give students a new set of skills to help clients every day in their practice.

The trainings act as an extension of skills to existing modalities, or can also be fully functional skills that are independent of other methods. You’d be surprised how learning the basics of hypnosis alone can be beneficial to any client session.

Inner Fulfillment wishes you a wonderful new year and the realization of your dreams in 2016. I look forward to welcoming you for a personalized regression session, or on one of our trainings in the near future!

Tony Collins
Regression therapist and Trainer
Inner Fulfillment

(For more information, call Tony on 0420 249 592. Visit for a full training schedule and overview).


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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