Interview with Jonathan Murphy, creator of Yoga Fest

HBM: What were you doing before you created ‘Yoga Fest’, ‘Yoga Expo’ and ‘Green Day Out’?

Jonathan: I’d been running my own yoga & martial arts schools for many years and was also working as a massage therapist at a chiropractic clinic. Prior to that life, I’d worked for magazines, all of which I believed has helped with the practical experience & confidence to facilitate these events.

HBM: What made you create these events?

Jonathan: This is not in any particular order but I knew that they’d be events that I’d love to go to and so felt others would enjoy them also (I’ve always just worked with that simple principle of creating something I’d like). Hard as they can be to create, I enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of creating them. I felt there was a need for such events in bringing together a large group of like-minded souls. I was also trying to impress an ex-girlfriend who’d dumped me. This is the first time I’ve admitted this publicly 🙂

HBM: What advice would you have for people who are sick of the job they are doing and want to change to something more in line with who they are?

Jonathan: Sometimes I’m asked advice on this area & and I suggest ideas for the person/s that I believe would help (from my experience) only to observe that they don’t follow through with the advice. I’ve always believed that if we applied the same effort and time as we do in the working for an employer to working for ourselves we can work in an area that we resonate with but often people lack the self-discipline to do so. St Francis of Assisi was reputed to have said, ‘Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible’.

It’s sound advice and true. People are often ‘paralysed’ by the fear of what they believe they ‘can’t do’ instead of refocusing their mind and concentrating on what they ‘can do’. This is the key principle.

HBM: What new projects do you have coming up in the next 12 months?

Jonathan: I’ve started an eco-event – ‘Green Day Out’, I’d like to continue to expand on this and create more regional yoga events.

Join us for the 10th annual YogaFest, 29th & 30th Oct



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