Is it a sign from heaven? By Tonia Reeves

Often as humans we question our ability to receive messages and if there’s one thing that I often get shown, it’s that the messages and signs are there but we tend to overthink them, dismiss them or really don’t believe that we can communicate with our loved ones in spirit.

We are in a time now more than ever before, where we can communicate even more clearly to those in spirit than maybe we have been able to before. This is what I’ve been shown by my guides recently. Why will it change your life when you get signs?

We all have the ability to get guidance for ourselves and we all have the ability to know exactly what it is we need at this moment in time. The only thing stopping us is that part of the brain that tells us we are making it up, (the part that says, “it’s not true and it’s not really a sign,” etc etc).

When we start to override those limiting thoughts, we then move to a space of opening up even more to the signs of spirit. Most people who are skeptical of signs from spirit, aren’t able to meditate and really struggle with tuning in. Although, in a lot of cases I’ve come across, skeptics can be quite in tune with the world of psychic phenomena and mediumship, but at some point in life, had a scare and shut it down.

This remains an area of fascination within the skeptic but the non-evidence or lack of proof in their eyes always, always allows them to dismiss this. We are all a little impatient when it comes to wanting evidence and to wanting it now! We want it black and white and discount the grey. I think we are all guilty of this from time to time. But let’s look at this from our family and friends in the spirit world’s perspective. They work really, really hard to give us the signs (yes it takes them a bit of effort, many have shared this with me) and then we as humans go, “nah it’s just a coincidence!” A ruse that we don’t want to fall for! So, they have to keep trying and hope to Christ we start to really, take notice.

Here’s an example: I don’t know how many times I pass on the message to people that a sign those in spirit love to share is they make the pictures hanging up in your house crooked (some of them find this so amusing). So you straighten them up for the 10th time and don’t question it. Why? How can you explain it? Not just one picture sometimes it’s a few! Can you imagine the frustration they experience? So do yourselves and them a favour! Take notice! And if you are reading this, it’s no bloody coincidence! It’s frankly a sign ….

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Tonia Reeves

Tonia Reeves is Australia’s Psychic Medium Cowgirl, based in Victoria and reaching people overseas through her consults and her segments on a number of radio shows in Australia and overseas.

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