Is It Possible To Have Healthy Teeth And Gums At Any Age? By Shauna Teaken

What if your body had a natural system to deal with tooth decay? 

What if your body was designed to grow a new tooth or gums as required, naturally? 

A happy, healthy mouth is a key to longevity and is about so much more than appearances! The health of the whole body is dependent on the health of the mouth. 

For the past 6 years, I’ve been the world-wide coordinator for Happy MouthTM Generative Energetic Dentistry. I found Dr Tom Kolso after hearing an old recording of an interview with him. 

I was searching for some other possibilities with my tooth decay and gum problems. I learnt the system, used the techniques and had some amazing results. 

I began incorporating Happy Mouth into my business, talking about it, as I travelled the world facilitating energetic body work, holding Intro classes on Happy Mouth. 

From St Petersburgh to Rio, Papeete, Corsica, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Budapest and Prague. I was amazed at how Happy Mouth classes were received with openness and enthusiasm. 

I can truly say, people are hungry for the difference Happy Mouth offers! 

With Happy Mouth, we have activations for physical systems in the body to take care of the gums, rebuild broken or chipped teeth, grow new teeth, saliva, lymph, bone and more. 

We also have hands-on body processes for things like clenching and grinding and TMJ problems.

We call Happy Mouth a “Youthening System” and we actually have a Youthening System activation point. 

We also have activations for more awareness and insight, and for receiving more and responding appropriately.

Our classes are for people who would like to learn the system to use on family and friends, and have family or friends apply the system to them.

But we also have many people who attend class to become Happy Mouth Practitioners, and have clients come for sessions. 

Dr Tom Kolso has been a practicing dentist in the U.S. for over twenty-five years. He became aware that while modern dentistry has come a long way in the last 100 or so years, it is still very much about amputating parts of gum, tooth or bone and filling the gap with a foreign substance. He thought more must be possible, and over the last 18 years, he has developed Happy Mouth as a system of activating the body’s own capacities to restore and balance itself. It’s called Happy MouthTM Generative Dentistry and it’s available as online and live classes around the world. 

We have a free telecall/zoom coming up on July 11 (Europe) July 12 (USA/ Australia/Japan) register here to join live and receive the recording:

More info about Happy Mouth:

Shauna Teaken

Shauna Teaken has a light hearted yet surprisingly effective approach to joyful living with youthful vitality that goes beyond the expected.

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