Is there another way for the Type A woman? By Jasmina Earthangel

In a society hell-bent on ‘achieving’ for the sake of ‘achieving’, it is quite often (can oftentimes be) difficult to acknowledge – let alone honour – any thoughts, needs, inclinations or downright necessities of ‘slowing down’ and ‘stopping to smell the roses’.  Unfortunately, the patriarchal system has convinced us – especially ‘Type A Women’ (trying to ‘get ahead’ in life, love and liberty (+ business!)) – that any ‘down time’ or ‘recuperation’, hell – even taking a break/holiday regularly – is ‘unproductive’ and cannot be embraced unless we’ve ‘earned it a thousand fold (or even more!)’.

Problem is, it is ONLY WHEN we do FINALLY stop, slow down or start to listen to our inner compass (read our hearts and souls) that we can start to really align with what’s important to us.  On an individual level.  Our likes.  Our dislikes.  Our values.  Our ethics.  Our integrity.  Our authenticity levels.  Our energy – and its ebbs & flows.  Our vulnerability.  Our needs.  Our wants.  Our dreams.  Our Soul’s desires.  Our Heart’s secret, sacred longings.  Our innocence…

You may know the often quoted cliche – “the cracks are how the light gets in” – and finding your freedom works along the same lines.  You cannot even begin to connect to what’s important to you, let alone fathom the fullness of what’s available and possible for you, when you’re operating on someone else’s system or a system created by a society built upon unsustainable models valued by patriarchal norms.

If you feel like you are having a ‘nervous break down’, or are burnt out, about to burn out or otherwise starting to feel like you ‘can’t do it anymore’ it is FABULOUS NEWS!  This means that you are on the verge of a breakthrough and your freedom is just around the corner.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying working through it is an easy task.  Far from it.  It just means that you are starting to value the whispers of your Heart and Soul much more than the shouts of the programming you were never meant to take on.  This is a GOOD THING.  This means that you are ready to tread the, somewhat winding, path leading you home to your heart-heal Soul.  You simply must remember that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and there is no right or wrong way from here.  Your path is yours alone and you must traverse the journey on your own and in your own time.  

Not feeling the desire to “go it alone”?  No problem, Jasmina offers a carefully curated sacred 1:1 space for this very purpose.  Book your complimentary consultation here to find out more –

Jasmina Earthangel

Jasmina Earthangel is a Soul Mentor + Consultant | Creatrix | Mama.
An ex-solicitor ‘hippy-at-heart’ mama, Jasmina was born with connection to the other-worlds and a deep desire for equality in the world.

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