It’s okay to feel grief strongly coming into Christmas by Tonia Reeves

We are coming into such an emotionally driven time of the year for many but for those who have lost a loved one this is often amplified with the combination of loss and missing that special person and also wanting to honour them at the same time.

The loss of a loved one isn’t something we get over. It’s usually the times that we celebrate (Christmas, birthdays anniversaries etc.) that can be the hardest to navigate because these are times we gather and celebrate with family and friends.

We sometimes struggle with not wanting to share our grief with others because we don’t want to drag others down or make them feel uncomfortable, but it really is important to share your grief and be open to others allowing them to support you at this time.

Quite often sharing opens the door for others to not only support you but to share their own grief and loss. Many times, sharing leads to the most amazing conversations and sharing of wonderful memories of our loved ones in spirit.

I’ve always loved the quote “grief is the price we pay for great love“ it honours their life and we can be reassured that sadness is a part of that journey. Yes, it’s hard and yes, it sucks but it also shows your capacity to love. And I feel the current times we are living in remind us that our capacity to love is one of our greatest gifts. When we allow our heart to fully open, we connect to miracles.

We connect to a power higher than us. For most of us to love is to accept others unconditionally. Whether we have given birth to our children, found an amazing partner or adopted that gorgeous animal we just know we have a connection with, these make our hearts full.

This is true love. It’s all about opening our heart to love and also the possibility of hurt. These go hand in hand, we can’t have one without the other and to be open to understanding that is all we can do. Grief is hard- it’s the missing of the love we shared, it’s the feeling that can bring us to our knees so easily and often unexpectedly. But I want to share that this is okay. You are okay. Yes, you will be different from the loss, yes life will be a struggle at times but it’s the acceptance of that that will help you realise that is okay to feel. We as humans often try and block our feelings by rationalising them away, rather than allowing ourselves to sit in them. We don’t need to stay in those feelings forever, but we do need to let ourselves fully feel them. To grieve is to acknowledge how full our heart still is for that special soul we miss and that my friend is living our life to the fullest.

Love and Blessings
Tonia Reeves
Australia’s Cowgirl Medium

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Tonia Reeves

Tonia Reeves is Australia’s Psychic Medium Cowgirl, based in Victoria and reaching people overseas through her consults and her segments on a number of radio shows in Australia and overseas.

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