Jean Sheehan: Finding the Magic Within By Vanessa Finnigan

Jean Sheehan is all heart! Not only is she happily married with two amazing sons, she’s a gifted medical intuitive and pioneer of award winning business  ‘Millenium Education’. And she knows a thing or two about magic!

I had my first session with Jean a few years ago and the experience is still very fresh in my mind. She asked some empowering questions and I let go of some limitations, she tuned in to my body and energy field and my whole heart opened up wide. I felt a surge of energy bursting through this chakra and the energy potently ran through my whole body for about 24 hours. This was my experience with Jean’s work and realising the truth of who I am in those moments. This is the magic that lies within us all.

Jean also inspires a good cross section of the mainstream world by teaching her unique style of medical intuition to universities, allied health, students and high profile professionals. Not surprisingly, she continues to be in demand all over Australia and around the world. This month it’s a pleasure to share Jean’s wisdom and have some insight into what 2014 holds if we truly listen….

“We are born intuitive and we forget. We are taught to be unintuitive,” she explains. Since childhood, Jean could see inside the body’s organs/systems and perceive the energy around and through the body. But because she had no-one to acknowledge what she saw, she decided to follow an ‘acceptable’ career path and took up nursing and working in the area of autopsies to use her gifts in a way people could understand. While she did help a lot of people working as a nurse, she eventually realised this work was not the best way of utilising her talents. Hiding her full range of gifts and ‘playing it safe’ contributed to creating cancer, and so in order to heal, she had to be free to be her authentic self. She had to let go of her childhood conditioning (she experienced much childhood abuse and was told she was bad, ugly and her intuitive gifts were evil). And in doing so, Jean took a giant leap and started to fly. In the process she has transformed thousands of lives – and she is passionate about reaching more people and having medical intuition accepted as part of the education system.

So where did these gifts come from? Jean clarifies that she didn’t have a guru or follow a set path. Her process of awakening was more about remembering her infiniteness. She says she would read books, go to workshops and follow her intuition, and the information and wisdom she came across resonated with her and confirmed her own knowing.

It was a natural progression for Jean to create Millennium Education to assist people to awaken (in fact her business has experienced remarkable growth over the last 20 years globally and on the Sunshine Coast). She has built a solid team around her and she uses many intuitive tools such as crystal grids and systems, children’s personality types and sacred geometry, weaving in ancient wisdom to assist people. “My passion is to help others find their infinite potential; who they really are. Sacred geometry and crystal grids are like a mathematical code inside that relates to creation. And it’s only as an adult I’ve been able to explain it and teach it. I couldn’t explain it as a child,”she says.

Now as an adult Jean feels it’s imperative to assist the next generation to be who they are and trust their own knowing. She says, “Society teaches kids to not listen to their innate wisdom, and they are naturally intuitive all the time. This generation don’t fit into the system – they are bucking it, so it’s up to us to make changes and see them as a gift. Many kids today believe you only live once and they are very emotional, reactive and expressive. They are also very talented but don’t realise it. They are forgetting their own potentiality and there are alarming levels of self-harm and suicide. We have systems that teach quite high expectations and if they don’t get the latest iPhone and iPad they feel like they are failures. My greatest joy in working with young people is when they realise their potential and knowing they are not alone. There needs to be changes in the health and education system… I’m passionate about this.”

Jean says a child’s ‘bad behaviour’ can be a cry for help or a gift in that they trust you enough to break down in front of you. It’s time to be creative and intuitive when it comes to dealing with what’s happening for them as a whole. She believes we need to get to know them rather than seeing them as a number and inspire them to see that they can create anything in their lives.

How Can We Thrive Through the Festive Season?

Christmas is often a time of crisis and high rates of suicide. So Jean says it is important to ask for help and connect with people who will support you in challenging times. “Let the pride down and don’t do it alone. There is so much support out there. When there is a knock back, keep asking (this is so important for kids to know).”

The festive season has not always been an easy time for Jean. Her mother tragically died on Christmas day when she was only sixteen years old and she says the loss and deep grief led to being homeless for a period and struggling to finish grade 12 on her own. She eventually found ‘share accommodation’ and worked in an orange juice factory until she got in to nursing.

“Initially I went into shock when mum died, but eventually I decided to focus on what I was grateful for and I focused on others. Even today that’s what keeps me going. The idea of giving fills us up so much we forget about ourselves. My thinking was, ‘Someone must be in a worse state than I am… What can I give to others?’

Mum’s gift to me was that I found ‘me’. I don’t think I would have found ‘me’ as quickly if my mum hadn’t died,” she says.

Jean’s heartfelt desire is for people to get back to the true loving intent behind Christmas. She believes it’s a time for being real; it’s not about the presents you receive. We can ask: what is going to fill my heart at Christmas time? Do what is going to be fun, simple, loving and caring. Jean celebrates Christmas with her loved ones and usually invites people who are alone to spend the day with her family. “I always ask my family, ‘what can we do as a family together’ and I don’t push my stuff and ideas on them.”

She believes Christmas is a time to say, ‘I am who I am’, it’s not about how much money I have or what awards I have. The real meaning of life is connection, love, intuition and being in your heart space. “The simpler I make my life, the more abundant I am.” 

Jean whispers, “Magic is that childlike essence that everything is going to be okay. We once knew that… What happened?” What would it take for us to discover this at Christmas and all year round?

Jean’s thoughts about 2014

2014 is when life really begins! Number 2 is about ‘awakening or judging’. So we have a choice! The zero is about the ‘zero point’ where nothing is really good or bad, it’s neutral. The number 14 is about having no illusion, and not being separate from anything or anyone. So we have a real opportunity to awaken in 2014.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor, publisher of Holistic Bliss Magazine and she also offers multi-media whispering energy sessions. She has been a freelance writer for 16 years for magazines.

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