Kids, Gastro and Homoeopathy by Tim Roberts

Homeopathic medicines can complement the management of many disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract, ranging from diarrhoea and vomiting in children (and adults) to colitis and Crohn’s disease.
The philosophical theory of homoeopathy is that it works by stimulating the body’s natural immunity and defences to re-establish equilibrium within the body. Imagine your health is like a still pool. When you have an illness, a pebble has been tossed into the pool, thus creating a ripple in that pool. The symptoms you are experiencing are the attempts of the body to counteract the ripples created by the illness or condition. The more aggressive the condition, the larger the disturbance of the body and the more intense the symptoms. Homoeopathic remedies will alert the body’s defences or ‘vital force’ to re-establish equilibrium in the body and muster significant energy to counteract the ripples in the pool and make the pool still again.

A registered homoeopath aims to find the right remedy for the right disturbance. Every illness has a different vibration and frequency. The energy behind a bout of gastro is different to the energy behind haemorrhoids for example, also, the more powerful and alert one’s vital force, the more likely it is to overcome the disturbance in a rousing fashion. A healthy robust teenager will have a stronger vital force than an elderly person, thus, different potencies of a particular remedy may be needed. Also, different people create different symptoms for particular illnesses, so even though we may have two people present with the same illness, say for example nausea and vomiting, their symptoms can be different. One person may experience faintness and exhaustion from horrible continual nausea whilst someone else may present with cramps and painful vomiting from ineffectual attempts to vomit. Different remedies will be required for each patient.

We want to find a remedy that is similar in vibration to the disturbance in the body so that it will alert the vital force to overcome the illness. We choose a remedy that is similar to the vibration of the illness so that it can more fully alert the body’s vital force to gain momentum and attention to overcome the frequency of the illness. Once the vital force has been stimulated to a point where its counteracting vibration is greater than the original illness, the remedy can then start to be withdrawn and the symptoms of the illness alleviated.

When someone is vomiting, especially a child, it is not only distressing to them but also for their parents and loved ones, who feel helpless, wondering what they could do or give to alleviate someone’s misery. They may even have a haunting fear that the child may have developed a serious condition such as meningitis or something that requires surgical intervention. Obviously, full assessment by a physician is required at all times, but the administration of a homoeopathic medicine may often alleviate the distressing symptoms very rapidly – before the doctor comes.

Homoeopathy is used throughout the world to help alleviate symptoms in the sick. We are so lucky in Australia to have such a plethora of viable treatment options for acute and chronic disease. Homoeopathy is just one of those treatments. If you are considering homoeopathic treatment, always use a homoeopath that has been registered by the Australian Register of Homoeopaths ( This is an official body that regulates the government endorsed standards of professional conduct and standards of practice of professional homoeopaths in Australia. You can be sure that if you are in a consultation with an AROH registered homoeopath, you are dealing with a professional and someone who will work with you to ensure you are gaining the care and the referral you require.

It is always a good idea to have a selection of homoeopathic remedies on hand to treat acute conditions if they appear suddenly. Once you understand how these different remedies work, what symptoms they may help to alleviate, and you have gained insight on how to dose them appropriately from your registered homoeopath, administration of the remedy is very straight forward.

Remedies to consider for gastrointestinal disturbances include:
• Aresenicum album
• Ipecacauanha
• Aethusa cynapium
• Cocculus
• Lycopodium
• Phodphorus
• Aloe

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