Light Language – The Language of Light by Shveta

Light Language, as the name suggests is the language of light. And we refer to light as the higher vibration of source, or higher beings. For me it is the pure expression of our highest self or source that forms the sounds, symbols, dance movements, hand movements/mudras or codes.

✨It’s all channelled and doesn’t require any preparation i.e., it doesn’t require any construction. And when we reach the state of stillness, we allow our highest self to channel through us. 

✨It crosses all the barriers of human language rules, grammar, sounds, word formations. 

✨Since it’s the language of light, imagining understanding the light in form of words humans know – isn’t possible. 

✨The translation of light language or codes into the language we know is impossible. It’s like trying to translate many dimensions to fit into human 3D mind. Trying to understand also obstructs the flow. 

✨Only the energy of light can be felt, because each light code, symbol, expression, formation carries the light and energy. It’s similar to trying to describe energy of light in words which isn’t possible. 

✨The light transmission can do wonders if we allow the channelling without getting our mind in the way. And if the mind questions it or tries to get into ego to analyse it – it creates resistance, hence obstructs the flow. 

✨It supports in healing, activation or embedding the light codes missing in our DNA. We all are born with light codes in our DNA and as we upgrade – i.e. move to higher vibration, the new codes get downloaded as well. 

✨It works at subatomic or cellular level bringing necessary upgrades at that point in time which further helps in shifting to a higher vibration 

✨It helps those who channel and all those who allow the light to enter without cognition. 

✨It’s our individual expression of the Divine and our highest self. 

✨It helps in moving to higher dimension aligning us to our sacredness. 

✨It brings freedom of expression trespassing the rules and bindings of man-made language. 

✨It crosses all the language barriers and allows us to speak in our own unique soul language. 

✨It’s the expression of higher beings – those who are helping in moving us to the New Earth. 

✨Higher beings are making contact with so many of us to bear the torch for others at human plane. 

✨The light language works best when you let it flow within with innocence.

There are many intentions we can set in, and then allow the higher self to work its magic. Like any other healing modality, it requires unconditional trust and surrender for it to allow: 

  • Invoking divine feminine parts 
  • Invoking divine masculine parts
  • Integration of divine masculine and feminine 
  • Clearing cords 
  • Clearing anger, resentment, fear, and all other emotions vibrating at a lower frequency. 
  • Cleanses the energetic fields 
  • Invoking divine goddess 
  • Clearing the energies 
  • Working with higher self 
  • Guidance from higher self 
  • And so many more. 

There are so many forms that surface as pure higher self-expression such as:

  • Dance movements 
  • Mudras or hand movements 
  • Channelling light through eyes 
  • Light codes and symbols in form of drawings 
  • Sounds and music 
  • Speaking Light language

It’s the divine aspect of our higher selves, higher beings and the source. Binge my YouTube channel for Light Language transmission.


Shveta is a software engineer turned intuitive therapist, an inspired writer/speaker and creator of Untethered Goddess. Her programs and sessions help women to unleash their inner goddess, leading them to live with authenticity and exuberance.

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