Love and My Heart by Gaylene Aitken

Keep coming up with love but it’s so slashed and torn….why can’t we give love one more chance?’ Queen.

Why not try love? Maybe opening one’s heart feels humble, perceived as vulnerable and weak, a dangerous position.

Our life is shaped upon our perceptions encoded and acted out as reality, if we fear life then we’ve selected the scenario offered as reality by mainstream everything…. we are helpless, powerless, and impotent.

It’s up to us individually what takes up residence in our consciousness. What we read, say, listen, watch, and think is going to be our life. We think and we are that.

Our mind is something we’ve created from our perceptions of what is ‘normal’. Everyone thinking, saying and behaving in a manner that we’ve all unconsciously made an agreement with long ago as to what is real and normal, an unspoken and unacknowledged contract of acceptable behaviour.

This contract enables the over development of the left hemisphere of the brain and reduces activity and trust in right brain creative heart impulses.

Fear is a natural and valuable response to danger; it creates an enormous surge of energy that can propel us into super human action or keep us still until the danger passes. I consider the fear response to be a power place that can save us but is too intense and draining to live with constantly. Living in fear generates low frequency, dense heaviness and energetic depletion.

I feel our brain is the centre for our mind and our heart is the dwelling place of love, a most powerful force that can change our perceptions of reality and turn victims into sovereign infinite beings.

There are more nerve cells from the heart to the brain (mind) than the brain to the heart, so our mind is the servant of the heart, not the other way around.  

The mind compartmentalises, the heart knows universal family connections. Trust the powerful high frequencies generated from the heart to guide us.

How can we make the transition from mind control to a heart centred life and how can we know the difference? We can turn our focus to our body to answer these questions.

My mentor Kahu Abraham Kawai’i presented pathways and mediums to develop innate awareness so we can impartially monitor the physical responses to various life situations and adjust within motion.

Any form of meditation that uses the breath as a pathway to awareness of the body as the vehicle of our spirit has great value. The focus is sensing the body moving to breath rhythm, a purely sensory experience, unlimited and uncontrolled from mind centred ideology.

When we connect to the pulse of our heart throughout our body, we open ourselves to another existence with love as the driving force instead of fear. Love takes us into the higher frequencies where we recognise our true self as a being of infinite awareness experiencing the density of matter in human form.

My personal experience of awakening to my true nature has brought peace and freedom from the fear of this system we live in. We’re all going to die, but maybe death needs to be looked at in an entirely different way also? When we die, we go home to family, the family of infinite awareness that is love.

Gaylyn Aitken

Kahuna Mist began operations in 1996 as The Body Care Centre and changed it's name to Kahuna Mist in 2001. Owner and founder Gaylyn Aitken was trained by Kahu Abraham from 1997 until his passing in 2004 and continues with his work of evolutionary transformation through movement.

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