Love on the front lawn by Tonia Reeves

Now bear with me for this one, as it hijacked me at four am this morning. Yep, that magical time, the one for me where I often wake up with the encouragement to write and channel information. This is from my spiritual team and is always great inspiration.

I share with many of my clients that ‘Four am’ can be a time to set your alarm to, when things are too busy within waking hours with children, work or just life in general. It’s a time for just you; to fill up your cup.

Yep, it can be brutal; it’s an early start and definitely not one I do every day but there’s a certain charge to the energy when you wake up before the birds do. And hey, I do like balance, so sleeping in till nine am on other days holds dear to my heart too.

Anyway, back to the inspiration, the title of this article was given to me as an opener, so here goes. What if you were invisible and you could observe others going about their day-to-day life but couldn’t interact, in other words they weren’t aware of your presence. At first experiencing this would be really novel, even exciting. But as time went on, it would surely be frustrating, and the novelty would wear off. This brings me to my point, this is often how our spiritual team, including but not limited to family members, guides, angels and spirit animals and many I haven’t mentioned, can feel.

They don’t hold it against us I might add, but they really, really, really want to be acknowledged so they can help us navigate this life journey we are on. By being oblivious, we are missing the best assistance we can ever get. And it’s free!

When I’m doing a reading for a client, they will often say, ‘but I don’t get signs’, and I’m like, mmmmm, yes you do. We absolutely all do. So, ‘love on the front lawn’ was an example my spiritual team told me to use. If you don’t have a front lawn don’t worry, it could be your nature strip or front path or driveway. I’m just shown to use this visual to really bring home the message.

They don’t hang out on your front lawn, but when they get ignored, it can feel that way. So, the message here is to remind you to notice the signs. Acknowledge them, by chatting to them either out loud or in your head, especially in public maybe, or maybe not mmmm.

Maybe answering with ‘I’m chatting to my dead mother’ when asked who you are chatting to might evoke an awakening for someone else! The look on their face would be entertaining that’s for sure.

Anyway, back to my point, in my words don’t be a dumbass and not notice the signs. Period. They don’t want to be sending love and messages from ‘the front lawn’ or any distance away. They want you to know they are right beside you. So hopefully if you are still reading this far you can take this as A SIGN!

Tonia Reeves

Tonia Reeves is Australia’s Psychic Medium Cowgirl, based in Victoria and reaching people overseas through her consults and her segments on a number of radio shows in Australia and overseas.

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