Loving Blended Families by Kean Buckley

The best example of relationship I know is my wife, Kathleen. Wise, gentle,
patient (ask my friends!) and fair, she is an influential partner and
respected parent. Many people say they feel the love between us, and within
our home. Kathleen makes me look good, (I’m a counsellor) and helps me to
be the best dad by being more consistent in love having made this her
discipline. Kath is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure all members
of the family are respected equally. Many times she has ensured I didn’t
pass on ‘my experience’ with the force of righteous conviction it came
with. My strength was the willingness to give my family a better me!

It wasn’t always easy. In the first 18mths It was as bad between us as I
could have wished. I often felt like leaving. Our arguments were fierce
when two different parenting styles came together, in a blended family of
two 6 year olds, one 8 and one to seal the deal!

Today, I would bet on me being with Kath at the end.

We become happier and grow closer regularly. So how do we do it, whilst
running two businesses and bringing up four children that all get along
with each other?

The key was taught to me by Falu Eyre *- C.R.I.*

*Commitment.* Think how many families are broken due to the lack of it?
Many experience a number of break ups which may affect self confidence more
than we know. Too many children repeat the patterns of their parents, as if
‘a moth drawn to the flame.’ Doing what it takes to make a relationship
work and getting through challenges engenders powerful feeling and positive
relations across the whole family. If we are committed to getting help
when needed, we are even more assured of success.

*Responsibility* Anyone can project their problems onto another, and point
the finger and blame. But can we point the finger at our self and make the
change where it matters? Too many people have experienced forced opinion
and unbalanced hypocritical teaching from parents, teachers and leaders.
Too often we learn from a nation of 2-5 year olds! If we can admit when we
are wrong – we are halfway there. If we can be right, and not have to say
it, we are almost home! If we can see the place where everyone is

*Integrity* Is simply the key to and the solution to everything. Within it
we live happily, naturally, successfully. Without it, we allow our egos to
create powerfully, greedily and control is our currency. How deeply you
delve into the rich bounty of integrity will depend on how committed and
responsible you are. Ask Kath! The true key is to be yourself – let’s talk
about this soon!

For more information contact:
Be Yourself Personal Development
Relationship and Retreat Specialists.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor, publisher of Holistic Bliss Magazine and she also offers multi-media whispering energy sessions. She has been a freelance writer for 16 years for magazines.

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