Magic & Miracles By Dr. Cris Henderson

Recently I asked a medical doctor if she believed in miracles.  She was so stunned she did not know what to say.  Well I do.  I believe in high magic and marvellous miracles.  I simply do not understand why more people do not.  If they did then the energy would change even further and pave the way for more and more magic and miracles in our everyday life. Simply put, more magic and miracles would show up and the balance would be altered – the paradigm would change.  

My latest interaction with Mother Mary was simply sensational.  She talked to me about the Happiness Codes.  I had not been aware of these – I had played with the joy codes, the prosperity codes and I had been busy implementing her famous Rose Codes wherever I could.  Quite simply she said – if you are looking for healing then rebirth each of your organs one per day – and as you do activate the Happiness Codes within them.  

An organ cannot be diseased if happiness prevails.

When I thought about this it made perfect sense and I have altered my morning routine to ask my body if she is happy and if not where she is unhappy and how I can help.  I meditatively rebirth one organ at a time and whilst I am doing this I implement Mary’s Divine Discourse.  Her Divine Discourse is predicated by the need to name every organ – and so I have named my kidneys Kath and Kim after the famous Australian comedians.  The minute I did this I could feel their pure delight – they danced and sang and no longer kept worrying.  

All was well in their world and in mine.

Mary laughed with me about weight loss and mentioned replacing sugar with happiness would have a big effect on the weight that we often carry in our physical bodies.  In effect it would quite naturally dissipate – sugar would no longer be required.

By changing the emphasis that we put on things – by moving beyond what we are told are the dire implications of illness or aging – we can change the paradigm – it is possible – it is easy – it is free.  So tomorrow morning if you feel like some fun join me in your meditation and talk to your organs, dance with them, laugh with them, bring them happiness and let’s change the paradigm together.

Dr. Cris Henderson – Rose Alchemist

Find my rose courses @ to pave the way for exciting change and a new approach to everyday living.  The rose will help all of us to dance through life.  She brings us to the happiness codes in her own special way.

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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