Manifesting What You Desire by Alexis Hannagan

How do I have BOTH total newbies and also millionaires who work with me to improve their life whether that’s getting more clients, increasing their income or manifesting an aligned soul mate.Β 

I get one of the single most important factors that uplevels the results in your life immediately…

You could be at any stage of your life, relationship or biz and your external circumstances in your life can and do shift immediately once your energy or frequency rises. AND you learn how to hold it there. 

You could already be a millionaire, and if you did THIS, you’d catapult your existing results or find much more flow and radiance. (Plenty of people make more money working with me because they see how I work to tune into the energetics of the cosmos, where all of creation is coming from at the cellular level. And they know if they looked at massively purging out the negativity and baggage from the past, they would skyrocket further in flow and glow). 

Sometimes we are getting results, whether by attracting dates, clients, friends but it’s from a place of hard work, struggle, poverty mindset or misalignment. 

πŸ’Nina has started working in her soul aligned career and biz since attending The Sanctuary programs 

πŸ’Joanne has got clarity on her career shift, relationship and is launching a new coaching biz

πŸ’Dr Natalie Senf went from feeling lost to manifesting being married, having a baby and being in her dream career role and starting her own biz 

πŸ’Nicole totally healed from divorce & relationship with her ex, shifted careers & is now writing a book!! 

…it’s because we work AT THE ENERGETIC LEVEL.

High frequency = how to raise your frequency and stay there so you are aligned and magnetise other aligned opportunities to you.

It’s not how many dating apps you download, how much you are posting on social media, how many certificates you get, or how many hours you work. IT’S YOUR ALIGNED ENERGY.


When you do practices which raise your frequency your thoughts, feeling, emotions and behaviours are of a better quality. Which magnetises higher quality, aligned things to you.

Most women are stuck in the ‘old way’ of thinking because they don’t:

πŸ‘‘Understand how to shift out of funk and fast 

πŸ‘‘Still believe the ‘harder they work’ they will one day get ‘there’ 

πŸ‘‘Simply haven’t been shown how to flow in their magnetic feminine energy and also get the results they yearn for 

πŸ‘‘Are unconsciously holding onto the past

And this has nothing to do with how spiritual you are, flexible, wise, advanced, awake, healthy or how much of a ‘goddess’ you are. 

πŸŒ•It has everything to do with purging out the past and learning basic skills and implementing them into your life. 

This is a common truth I speak to my clients: If your “presence” doesn’t work, nothing will. And “your presence speaks louder than words”. Meaning, your energy, your presence, your radiance is your POWER. 

Basically: “You attract what you are” or “what you are vibrating”. 

πŸ™Introducing my 1:1, 3 Month Coaching Program πŸ™

What you’ll learn inside:

πŸ‘‰Understand the psychology and mindset of high achieving women who get results in their feminine 

πŸ‘‰Mistakes you’re making that are repelling men, clients, opportunities and how to flip this 

πŸ‘‰What basics to do daily to magnetise high level opportunities and prosperity 

πŸ‘‰How to energetically start receiving MORE and clearing blocks to your prosperity and expansion 

πŸ‘‰What I focus on in my life and or biz to have high end result clients

πŸ‘‰How to expand your aura so you live as the big version of you and stop playing small 

πŸ‘‰The common connections between magnetising high-quality friends, men, clients who are of great calibre and love 

Who is this for?

πŸ’ͺYou already know you want to upgrade your life & simply need to unlock your authentic soul energy and strategy 

πŸ’ͺYou are really committed to living your biggest and best life 

πŸ’ͺYou’re ready to step up and serve more in our troubled world, and feel confident in taking action, you just don’t know what those actions are 

πŸ’ͺYou already love working on yourself, and striving for your highest expansion, you need help in the energetics, purging out the past so you connect to the cosmos and receive aligned answers and guidance Book in now for a free 30 minute clarity call here

Alexis Hannagan

Alexis Hannagan is the founder of The Sanctuary Retreat in Sydney & Sanctuary TV, a fertile hub liberating women sensually & financially.

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