MARY’S DAUGHTERS by Dr Cris Henderson

The other night I experienced Mother Mary’s personal presence. I was writing her book ‘The Blue Rose’ and stopped temporarily. I walked into my sanctuary without turning on the light. There is a huge statue of Mary there – one that arrived unannounced from Germany some years ago. I tried to trace her – to acknowledge her – without success. 

The statue took pride of place in my sanctuary.

Suddenly a light came on within the statue. It glowed in the dark. Mary’s heart came to life. I was astounded and blessed. The light stayed. Finally I left the room aware of the importance of the book. It links with Mary’s heart to heal the soul of the world.

I continued without delay.

As the story opens, we meet William, a star wolf who lives in an enchanted forest near an Abbey in the south of France. 

The time is the sixteenth century. 

William is guardian to the Abbey, home to twelve goddesses of Mary’s bloodline known as Mary’s Daughters. They live as Blue Nuns. Mother Mary lives with them. She has come to Earth in the form of the Abbess Mother Hilda.  

Each woman brought one Rose Artefact to the Abbey with the intention of restoring Mary’s lost Rose Crown. Once accomplished the Rose Revolution will be born, the Rose Codes released, and the new Rose Paradigm will come to fruition. 

High magic will concentrate these elements into the Rose Blueprint.

William escorts the nuns into the dream fields where a series of healing rose elixirs take form. He guides, helps, tests and approves their creation. His magnificent energy penetrates the water and gives it the strength of the wolf clan. They are used to heal the sick in communities surrounding the Abbey. They contain the Wolf Codes.

The Wolf Codes embody the secrets of the Rose Star.

The Wolf Codes are available as part of the initiations presented throughout the book.

My purpose is to tell this story to the world. Each journey stands alone, or the twelve journeys may be undertaken sequentially.

Each journey is on special offer for $250.00 for readers of Holistic Bliss.

It fills me with joy to open these doors and energise these portals for all who have a love of the rose. Open the Gates!

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Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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